This is the main website for the Astral Flames Free Company (FLAME)* on the Gilgamesh server of Final Fantasy XIV.  Come in and take a look around!

(*Important Note:  Company tags are not unique to each Free Company in this game.  If you see a player sporting the FLAME tag and want to know if they are a genuine Astral Flame, right click on the character and choose “View Company Profile”.)

If you are a new or prospective member, you should head over to our Members’ Info Page and check it out. If you are looking for an invite,  all members have invite privileges, so just ask, or you are welcome to submit an application in-game. (We do not have an out-of-game application for membership, only for officership.)

If you are a new or prospective officer, head on over to our Officers’ Info Page and take a look. You can then submit an application using our Officer Application form.

Anonymous commenting is currently enabled on this blog (as of 4/21/16) but new posts need to be approved by a moderator, so they may be delayed in appearing.  If you use a valid email when you comment, your first comment will be manually approved and all comments after that will be auto-approved and appear instantly on the site.

If you would like to add an Avatar to your comments, you can do so at Gravatar.

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