Free Company Workshop Tour

Our Free Company Workshop is where we craft larger projects for our FC.  We can build airships here, create skins for houses (ours and others!), and make aetherial stands and aetherial wheels to generate buffs for the FC.

The workshop can be accessed through the “Entrance to Additional Chambers” in the FC House. This is the same place where you access your private room or the rooms of other members.

Workshop door.png

And this is the workshop!

Workshop full view.png

Our workshop has four unique elements, plus a company chest and a retainer summoning bell for convenient access to stored materials when building.  The first of these unique elements is the Schematic Board.

When new plans are made available in the game for construction in the workshop, we must first build a prototype here.

Schematic Board 1.png

To see what schematics are available for prototyping, click on the category you want to look at. A new screen will appear, like this:

Prototype construction.jpg

Prototype construction 2

Put the required materials into the slots, and the new recipe will be automatically added to the company crafting log on the Fabrication Station, immediately ready for construction.

The second unique element, and the heart of the Workshop, is the Fabrication Station. This element allows us to construct the items that we have prototyped on the Schematic Board.

Building a project on the Fabrication Station requires FC permission. If you would like to build something for yourself, such an individual house skin, and you don’t have permission, please speak to an officer and we’ll try to help you out.

All members of the Free Company can contribute materials to workshop builds, although the station usually requires that you have a certain craft or gatherer skill leveled up to put the materials in the machine. (See the screenshots below for details.) Non-FC members cannot contribute materials, unfortunately.

When there’s no current project on the Fabrication Station, you will see this screen:

Fab Station 2 no project.png

To begin a new craft, select “View Company Crafting Log.”

If you see this screen instead, it means a build is already in progress:

Fab Station 1

To start a new project at this stage, you would have to first use the “Discontinue Project” option, which would cause any materials already in the station to be discarded.  If no materials have yet been loaded then there is no harm in discontinuing the project to start a new one instead.

To begin a project, select “View Company Crafting Log” to bring up this screen:

Fab Station 3 B.png

After you click “Begin”, a screen will pop up allowing you to place materials for the first phase of the construction into the fabrication station, like this:

Fab station confirm build.png
Confirm your build
fab station contribute.png
Get ready to load
Fab station mat loading
I honestly have no idea what “Fabrication Condition: Normal” means.

With this screen visible, you can click on an item and deposit it into the fabrication station. Remember that you have to load it in complete batches; you can only load one item at a time if the batch size is 1.

Contributing to item.png
Contributing to a build for a Grade 3 Wheel of Industry


Contributing to item 2 marked.png

Once all the materials are loaded, you are ready to progress the build (or complete it, if you’re on the last phase.) When a craft needs to progress or finish, a group of at least four crafters has to be assembled and brought into the workshop. The crafters only need to be level 1 in any craft to participate at this stage, and they don’t even have to be members of our Free Company. They must be in crafter class, partied up, and present in the Workshop, however. There cannot be any non-crafters in the group.

Aeth Wheels 4
Confirm the progress or completion
Aeth Wheels 3
A cut scene will let you know the phase has progressed or the item is complete!

After the cut scene, you will either be returned to the material loading screen to load more items for the next phase, or you will be able to remove the completed item from the fabrication station, ready for use. You will have to manually remove the item; it won’t drop directly into your inventory.

Collect finished project.png

Remove completed item.png

If  you got lucky on the phase progression, you may have earned some “free” materials for your next phase; if this happens, you will see that your material bars are already partially filled for the next phase.  Unfortunately loading HQ items does not guarantee an increase in quality for the phase, so it is not worth it to load HQ items into the station hoping to ensure free materials from the next phase. You’ll just have to pray to RNGesus.

The third unique element is the Flight Control Panel. Here we can construct airships from the parts we built on the Fabrication Station and send them out on missions. Since building, maintaining, and running airships is a complicated process, it has its own page here.  Check it out if you are interested in our fleet!

Flight Control Panel 1.png
Our airship fleet

Last, we have our trusty Workshop Mammet.  He sells items specific to our workshop in exchange for company credits.  You need to be authorized to spend company credits to buy from him.

Workshop Mammet 1

In his shop, the Mammet sells two types of ceruleum gas tanks.

Workshop Mammet 2.png

Green gas tanks — Mission Ceruleum — act as “tickets” for trips to the Diadem; every person in the Diadem party needs one of these to board our airships traveling there. (We keep a stack of these in the third Company Chest tab for use by people who are not authorized to spend company credits.) Red gas tanks are for fueling our ships to go out on exploratory voyages, which are essentially airship ventures that take one or more days to complete and have a chance of bringing back rare and valuable items for the Free Company. Airships need multiple tanks of ceruleum for these trips, with the total number required dependent on which sectors they’re sent to for exploration.  Again, see our Airships Page for more information if you’re interested!

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