Firebrand Information Sheet

Thanks for agreeing to help out the FC as a Firebrand!  Firebrands are intended to be “Helpers” to the FC and the officer crew.  We created the Firebrand rank for folks who have game experience and want to help the FC out but either don’t have the time, or the interest, to become a full officer.

Firebrands have access to the officer chat channel in game and the officer FB page out of game. We’d like our Firebrands to use these channels to let officers know about anything that needs attention in the FC – just toss out a message if we’ve run out of something (buff food, krakka roots, buffs) or if there’s anything going on in the FC that needs to be attended to.  If you witness problems with other players, either FC members or non-members, grabbing a screenshot and posting to the officer FB page is a huge help, if you can manage it.  You can also send messages to the officer email list at

Things you can do!

  • You have free access to the second chest tab and can hand out Krakka roots, stable brooms, and choco dye fruit to FC members requesting them.
    • You can turn down any unreasonable player requests! Giving someone ten Krakkas is fine, giving them a whole stack probably isn’t, unless they’re going to feed all the FC birds.
  • You can place fresh buff food meals down when needed.
    • Unfortunately you can’t pick up the empty plates, but you can shove the dirty dishes under the buffet table and an officer will clean them up when possible.
    • If the FC housing item list is full you may not be able to put down a fresh buff meal – if that happens, just holler for an officer to fix things.
    • Also let an officer know if we’ve run out of a certain kind of buff meal. We keep five different meals set out to have something useful for all classes. There should be extras of everything in the FC Storage; if you notice we’re out, let someone know, or make some more yourself and throw them in the storage!
  • You can update the FC Notice Board if necessary.
    • If you see outdated info in the Notice Board, you can get rid of it.
    • If someone needs the Discord or FB page info we keep on the Notice Board, you can open it (click on the little pencil) and copy and paste the info out of the Notice Board and into FC Chat.
    • We’re allowed only two tiny lines of text for our Notice Board, so we don’t have a ton of room in there. Be careful if you make changes or add anything.
  • You can activate the FC Buffs if they fall off. ( Go to Social Menu > Free Company > Actions)
    • There’s a buff schedule in the Files area of both the regular FC group page on Facebook and the officer FB.
    • You can’t discard or shut down buffs that are currently running, so be careful when you put them up as they will stay up! You also can’t buy fresh buffs, so if we are out of the ones we need please holler for an officer.
    • PLEASE BE CAREFUL NOT TO WASTE OUR LEVEL III (3) FC BUFFS! The level II (2) buffs are super cheap and easy to replace, so we don’t care about mistakes with those, but the level III (3) buffs are neither cheap nor easy to replace – and they look almost exactly the same as the level II (2) buffs so it’s very easy to make mistakes. Three different officers have done this so we know! Check carefully before you put a buff up.
  • You can harvest ripe plants in the garden and flowerpots and put them in the second chest tab or mail them directly to Brioche.
    • Anything that’s sparkling is ready to be harvested.
    • You also have permission to plant seeds, but you should talk to Purpura before you do this as she’s managing the gardens. We can provide seeds and soil to anyone who wants to help Purp out with that if Purp’s okay with it!
  • You can lock non-FC members out of the FC house if they’re causing trouble.
    • This probably won’t happen often (it’s happened exactly twice so far) but if non-FC members are bothering our members, you can revoke guest access to the house.
    • Non-FC members can’t actually do any damage inside the house since they can’t interact with anything, but they can annoy our FC members.