Members’ Info Page

Welcome to the Astral Flames Members’ Info Page. Whether you’re a prospective Flame or already in the Free Company, this page should be your guide to the services, amenities, and rules of our FC. Note that this page sometimes doesn’t get updated as quickly as we’d like, so if you have questions, please ask! (If you notice something that needs to be changed, please drop us a note, too, so we can fix it.)

Quick Links

What We Offer Our Members
Finding Our Free Company House
Free Company Rules
Activity and Ranks
Miscellaneous Info

Our FC is designed to be a friendly and fun community for midcore and casual FFXIV players. We focus on helping our members explore every aspect of life in Eorzea, including:

  • Quests, dungeons and raids
  • Crafting and gathering
  • Housing, Gardening, and Chocobo Training
  • Mount and Minion Collecting
  • Character glamours
  • Minigames
  • PvP
  • Whatever else Eorzea has in store for us!

We welcome members from all over the world, though at the moment our membership is mostly English speakers from North America.  Our FC is most active in the late afternoon to late evening/early morning Eastern time during the week, and all day on weekends.

How to Become an Astral Flame

All members of the Free Company can invite, and members of Spark Knight rank and above can also approve applications.  If you would like to join our FC, contact any member for an invite, or place an in-game application and you will be admitted once it is seen and approved.



What We Offer Our Members

  • Helpful and knowledgeable officers, most with Mentor status.
  • Friendly and active community.
  • Maxed crafters available to meld materia for you.
  • FC Buffs active 24/7, including level 3 buffs on the weekends! See here for our current buff schedule.
  • Put your chocobo in our stable, and volunteer members will train him up with free Krakka Root grown in our FC gardens.
  • We offer a free chocobo dye job to new members so you can spruce up your bird. Speak to an officer to get the necessary fruits, and instructions if you need them.
  • Push your chocobo past level ten with Thavnairian onions grown in our FC gardens, provided to members free of charge.
  • Coordinate fights or just chat on our Discord server.
  • Join up on our Facebook page if you like social media (Closed group, ask if you would like to be added!)
  • Our Company Chest third tab is open to all members. Swap items you don’t need with other FC members and help yourself to their extras.
  • We have four max-level airships to help fund the FC, bring back rare finds, and provide access to the Diadem zone. Members can take out one of our ships to visit the Diadem, if there’s a ship in dock. You will need a temporary partner to group up with; minimum group size to get into the Diadem is two, but your partner can leave immediately upon arriving. (Speak to an officer if you want to know how to do this!) Click here for a tour of our Workshop!
  • We keep a variety of high-quality buff food meals placed out in the house for our members to use, free of charge.
  • Take advantage our up-to-date house amenities, including:
    • Chocobo stable to train and dye your companion
    • Striking Dummies to practice your combat skills
    • Mender to repair gear
    • Materia Melder to augment your gear. (Overmelding will require a player’s help, however.)
    • Material Supplier vendor for easy access to a wide variety of crafting materials
    • Junkmonger vendor for dyes and  dark matter purchases
    • Estate Manservant to sell furniture and provide snacks (He sells mostly junk food. We suggest you eat from the buffet table instead.)
    • Orchestrion to listen to the scrolls in your collection
    • Cut scene viewer to rewatch your favorites without having to go to an Inn
    • Armoire to store special gear
    • Crystal Bell to summon the fashion wizard Jandelaine for a trim at any time
    • Triple Triad board to challenge fellow FC members
    • Crafter benches for GSM, CRP, ALC, ARM, BSM, and LTW. If you need access to a CUL or WVR bench, speak to an officer and we may be able to help you. (We are limited to six benches in our medium house by game rules.)

We also hold a variety of regular and special events for our members. Keep an eye on this blog, our Discord, and our FB page for notices of what’s happening when!


Garuda pony farm

If you have an idea for a special or regular event or would like to volunteer to run one or to help out, we’d love to hear from you.

Our Free Company House, The Heart of Flame

We’re located in the Lavender Beds, Ward 6, Plot 41. To visit, go to the New Gridania main aether and choose “Residential District Aethernet,” then select “Specified Ward” and go to our ward. We’re closest to the Lavender Southwest Subdivision aetheryte. Drop by and ask for a tour!

[Note: If you haven’t yet opened the ability to teleport to the Lavender Beds, speak to the NPC “Margeria” at the Bentbranch Meadows and do her short level 10 quest “Where the Heart Is” to open up access to this area.]

Map of our FC House in the Beds markup
Our neighborhood
Flame house 3rd person
Home Sweet Home. You can fish off the front lawn! House appearance subject to change without notice.

Free Company Rules

We don’t have too many company rules, and they are mostly refinements on this one:

The Master Rule

Don't be a dick says buddha

Or in the original: अप्रिय  होना  करने के लिए नहीं की कोशिश करें

If that’s not clear enough, here are some specifics.
  1. No harassment of other players, either in the Free Company or out of it. Period. You’ll be kicked, without warning.
  2. Keep the FC chat classy and friendly.  PG-13 is a good rule of thumb, though we’re okay with cussing as long as you don’t go overboard with it and don’t use it to attack other players (Saying “Fuck” is fine, calling someone a “motherfucker” probably isn’t.) Some specific things not to do in FC Chat:
    • Don’t make offensive jokes.  If  you’re not sure if the joke is offensive, err on the side of caution. In general, making jokes at the expense of an entire group of people is going to be frowned upon. Use of slurs is right out.
    • Don’t belittle the game skills of other players or lecture them on how to “play better,” unless they ask you for advice.
    • No spoilers please, about the FFXIV game story or recent movies or TV shows or other video games or anything else.  Be considerate.
    • Don’t rant. About anything.
    • Don’t spam the chat channel with anything.
    • No obscene Ascii art. (Cute Ascii art is fine.)
    • You can discuss parsing if you like — we won’t yell, as long as you aren’t using the numbers to attack other players. Just remember it’s technically against the Terms of Service and if another player reports you, you’re on your own.
    • Don’t start a flame war, and don’t pour gasoline on one that someone else started. If you know a topic is incendiary, use good judgment about bringing it up, please.
    • This list isn’t complete. Just because it’s not on here doesn’t mean you can do it. Use your head.
  3. NO RMT (Real Money Trading, aka Gil Selling/Buying.) If we have proof that you have been engaging in RMT, we will kick you from the FC and report you to Square.
  4. Asking for help is encouraged. Begging for help nonstop is discouraged and will cause people to not want to help you at all.  Be patient if you’re asking for help; don’t demand instant service. Other people are trying to play the game too, including the officers. Try to be sure that what you’re asking for is reasonable; requesting a tank for one run is fine, but asking for someone to tank nonstop for you “until I get two more levels” probably isn’t. Asking for one item to be crafted is fine; asking for the crafter to supply all expensive mats AND craft an item for you probably isn’t. Also, asking for a dozen HQ items to be crafted for you “in the next half hour” is RIGHT OUT.  Crafting in this game is complex and can be time consuming, so try to get a feel for whether or not your request is reasonable, and don’t get upset if someone tells you it’s not.
  5. In line with the last rule, please keep crafting requests reasonable. Most of our FC crafters are happy to make you a single item or two, but few crafters are willing to make a large stack of items for you at the drop of a hat, particularly if you want High Quality (HQ).  Please do not request “an entire new set of gear for my level” or “all the items I need to level my own crafting”, and so on. Remember that crafting takes up a lot of lot of time!
  6. No public drama!  “Drama” is when you are having a problem with another individual and you drag the entire FC into it (without extremely good reason) and try to make people take sides.  If you’re fighting with another person in the FC, take it private!  If another person is harassing you or otherwise misbehaving, tell an officer and we will deal with them. If you are having issues with an officer, tell ME (Auric) and I will deal with them! Don’t try to fight it out in public. If someone is giving you grief, please try to get a screenshot of what was said or done so we don’t have to play “he said, she said” to sort things out.
  7. No rules lawyering!  Our officers are human and make mistakes, but you won’t get far complaining that the other guy said something nasty the other day and no one warned HIM, or that “That word’s not offensive in England!” or “I didn’t see that in the rules!” or “The other officer told me something different!” or whatever. Even if the “other guy” did step across the line and get away with it, that doesn’t mean you get to. It’s not a competition. In general warnings are given in private, so that other guy may have been warned without you knowing about it. Also, different officers are likely to have different ideas of what exactly is over the line and what isn’t. If you’re warned for misbehavior, just stop what you were doing and get back to the game. Please don’t try to make a federal case out of it.
Sit down, Phoenix.

Activity and Ranks

We have a very lenient activity rule for the FC, since some of our members log on only for major patches.  If you haven’t logged on for 90 days, your character will be placed on “inactive” status.  If you haven’t logged on for 180 days, your character will be removed from the FC, unless they have purchased a room. Characters with rooms will not be kicked for inactivity unless we need space to add new members. Time spent inactive does not count toward ranks.

Free Company Ranks

Our free company ranks are divided into two tiers, one for members and one for officers. Member ranks are based primarily on the length of time you’ve been active in the Free Company, although players can be bumped up early or delayed in promotion based on other factors.

  1. Ember Page (new members)
  2. Spark Knight (30 day members)
  3. Flare Warrior (90 day members)
  4. Astral Hero (180 day members)
  5. Eternal Flame (One year members)

Officer ranks are (as you might guess) for FC Officers.  Advancement to Officer status does not come automatically based on time in the Free Company, but instead on a member’s desire to help out the FC, their ability to do the work, and how many active officers the FC currently has. Any member of rank Spark Knight or higher who is caught up on the MSQ can apply to be an officer using our application form here. The primary requirements to be an officer are: an enthusiasm for FFXIV and our FC; willingness to spend some precious play time helping other players get the most out of the game; reliability; and the ability to deal calmly with other people even when they’re being unreasonable or obnoxious. Thorough knowledge of the game is helpful but not required.

 Miscellaneous Free Company Info

Q. So if you’re the Astral FLAMES, why are you affiliated with the Maelstrom instead of the Immortal Flames? 

A. The founder of the FC was with the Maelstrom when he set up the FC, so for convenience he signed up with them instead of the Immortal Flames.  By the time someone pointed out the contradiction, we had already gained enough reputation with the Maelstrom that we didn’t want to bother switching.  So, laziness, basically.

Q.  What’s up with the burning squirrel? 

A. Nutkin’s our mascot! He’s on our crest. The founder of the FC loves Nutkin, basically, and designed the crest with him in mind. And then Giedi threatened to kill everyone when we tried to change it to something more majestic like a dragon. We’re scared of her, so the squirrel stays.

Q.  Who’s this mysterious “founder” responsible for all this chaos?

A. Caius Cosades (All Hail the Fro)  founded the Astral Flames on October 3, 2015, with the help of Lady Minou, Giedi Starsky, and Chadula Sai.

Other FC-related Links


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