Officers’ Info Page

This page lists the duties and deportment expected of an Astral Flames officer.  Players interested in seeking officership with the FC should read this carefully to be clear about what’s involved.

First, an important note for all: Please remember that officers are both people and players as well as officers, and that this is a volunteer position.  If at any time being an officer is interfering with your ability to enjoy the game, you may request either a temporary or permanent return to your former membership rank, without penalty. It is also okay to take a complete break from the game for up to two weeks without losing officer privileges, provided you let the other officers know in advance that you need to do so and don’t simply vanish without warning.  If you need to be gone from the game for more than two weeks, please let the FC Leader and other officers know and we will deal with it on a case-by-case basis.

Officers’ Duties
  1. Log on every other day at a minimum. If you are going to be absent for more than 48 hours, please post on the Officers’ Notice Board when you will be gone and when you plan to be back.

  2. Be reliable! Show up when you say you will and do what you say you will. If you need to miss a scheduled event, try to get word to someone.

  3. Be friendly to our members and courteous (at a minimum!) to players in the game at large. You represent our FC, so the Master Rule (“Don’t Be a Dick”) applies doubly to you. Greeting members on login is a pleasant thing to do if you can. To enable notifications of member logins, do the following: Open System Menu -> Character Configuration -> Log Window Settings.  Go to the section marked “Log Filters” and select the chat window where you want the notifications to be displayed. In the Log Filters window, look for the entry that reads “Free Company Member Login Notifications” and turn the checkbox on.

  4. Be helpful to our members whenever possible. This can include providing game information and advice, retrieving items from the Chest, helping with minor crafting tasks such as materia melding, providing “taxi service” with two-seater mounts, and so on.  Note that we expect our members to be reasonable in their requests for help! (See the Members’ Info Page.)  If a member is being impatient, unreasonable, or downright greedy, officers are encouraged to gently but firmly ask them to be less demanding. Officers are not required to provide instant, expensive or time-consuming services to members on demand.

  5. Enforce the rules of the FC.  Give warnings in private to players who are in violation whenever possible. Players in serious and deliberate violation of the rules may be kicked without warning, but your decision is subject to approval by the rest of the officer team. Take screenshots to record player violations, particularly any resulting in dismissals, and provide them to the rest of the officer team to review as soon as possible.
    • On a PC, the “Print Screen” key will usually take a screenshot. (This should also work if you have a keyboard plugged into your console.) The screen should be stored in your main FFXIV folder under “screenshots”, with a name like “ffxiv_05032016_214123”. “05032016” shows that this screenshot was taken on 5/3/2016.
    • On a PS4, the “Share” button will take a screenshot. The screen will be stored in the Capture Gallery.
    • On a PS3, press L1 + Start to take a screenshot. The screen should save to XMB under “Photos.”

  6. Keep up on Free Company news and attend Free Company meetings whenever possible.
    • Join the officers Linkshell and keep it active in your chat
    • Read the Free Company in-game activity log. (Social -> Free Company -> Activity)
    • Keep an eye on the Company Chest log to watch for vandals
    • Follow the FC blog and read the Officers’ Notice Board and any posted Officer threads.

  7. Lead, assist with, and/or participate in FC special events.

  8. Update member rankings as necessary.

  9. Assist in recruiting for the FC. Some guidelines and methods:
    • Don’t try to recruit too many new players at one time.  New players need time to learn how we do things, and we need time to show them around. Point out our Members’ Info Page to new and prospective Flames so they can read up on us at their own pace.
    • Don’t send “blind invites” to players without a Free Company.  Quite a few players find this irritating.  Send a private tell first asking the player if they are looking for a Free Company. Don’t be surprised if they don’t reply; they may be a bot, or a trial player (not allowed to join a Free Company), or just someone on console without a keyboard.
    • Don’t actively try to poach from other FCs. If a player expresses dissatisfaction with their current FC first, then you can let them know about the Flames.
    • If you group with another player on Gilgamesh and they don’t have an FC, feel free to invite them into the Flames if they seem like a good match.
    • If you have some downtime, you can go to an area frequented by new players and use the /shout command to let folks know our FC is recruiting. (Don’t spam the message too often or it will bother other players. Use good judgment!) The three main cities are good places to recruit, as are the low level zones near the starting cities.  Idyllshire and Foundation are not good places to recruit in general — they are all experienced, established players —  and you are likely to get trolled if you recruit there.
    • If you are not in a group or the Duty Finder queue, you can put a recruiting message up in the Party Finder and field any inquiries you get. Note that these will mostly be more experienced players since new players have very little use for the Party Finder and may not even know how to bring it up or make use of it.
Helping Around the FC House

There are a number of tasks around the FC House that we need our officers to help with to keep the FC running smoothly. Not every officer needs to do every task, but they all need to get done by someone!

  1. Keep our buffs up! Complete instructions are here.
  2. Help out with gardening.  Click here for info on seeds and soil.
  3. Keep the buffet table filled with buff food.  Here’s how.
  4. Help out with the Airships.  Details on our fleet maintenance are here. (If you aren’t familiar with the workshop out all, you should probably Take the Tour first.)
  5. Keep the Company Board updated.  Check it out when you log on, and if you see something out of date, or have information to add, go to your Social menu, then Free Company, then Topics to bring up this screen:

Company Board editing.png

Update the board, then save changes and exit. Remember we are very low on space here! If you need to make a long or detailed announcement, it should go here on the blog instead.

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