Auric’s Tips & Tricks for Heaven-On-High Clears

This is an Index page for the various Tips & Tricks I’ve written up to help folks in my FC get their Heaven-On-High (HOH) Floor 100 Clear runs.   These are NOT intended as complete guides!  For in-depth complete guides listing every detail of HOH, you should visit:

  1. SnafuPop’s Heaven-On-High Guide
  2. Maygi’s HoH 1-100 Handbook

Auric’s Tips & Tricks

  1. Heaven-On-High: Strategic Overview
  2. Heaven-On-High: Party Composition
  3. Heaven-On-High: Labeled Pomander Chart
  4. Heaven-On-High: Prepping to Go
  5. Heaven-On-High: List of Known Unstunnables
  6. Heaven-On-High: Mimics Note