Sticky: Free Company Notices and Announcements!

This is our FC Notices and Announcements Board. If you have something you want posted here, either leave a comment below or drop an email to myself or the Astral Flames Officers’ List.

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Housing Items available with FC Credits

Folks, Eira reminded me that there are some housing items available for purchase with FC Credits. We have a LOT of FC Credits, so if anyone wants these items, let me or another officer know. The ones available at the Grand Company HQ (first menu) are freely tradeable so any officer can just pick them up and hand them to you; the ones available at the Housing Vendor (second menu) are NOT tradeable, but you can still get them if you come to me and have me enable you to spend FC Credits for them directly.

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Timeworn Thief’s Map: Hidden Canals of Uznair

At Map Night yesterday (10/13 — Friday the 13th!)  one of our two map groups was extremely lucky and managed not only to gain access to the new bonus area, “Hidden Canals of Uznair”, but also to make it all the way to the end!  Here’s a report on the experience with tips for other folks who might be fortunate enough to make it through!

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