Upcoming FC Events!

  • FRIDAY NIGHTS: MAPS WITH ASTER (or someone!), 9:15 pm EST (ish) to midnight (ish)
  • ALTERNATE TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS: BIRB FARMS WITH AURIC, 9:30 EST to midnight (ish). (Check FB or Discord to see whether it’s a Tuesday or Thursday week.)

MAPS info:  Show up at the FC Gathering Lamp at 9:15 pm EST. Bring two Timeworn Gazelleskin maps if you can.  (You can keep one in your inventory, one in your saddlebags, and have one deciphered in your key items at the same time.)  If you can’t afford maps we usually have some extras available.  Rolling is Free For All (FFA), with one exception: One Thief’s Map per person until everyone has one!  You are welcome to show up late but there may or may not be slots open in the maps group(s). If you plan to leave early please do NOT roll on Thief’s Maps as we generally do all of those together once we are done with the Gazelleskins.

BIRBS info:  Show up at the FC Gathering Lamp at the starting time.  Know which birbs you need!  (There are seven total: Bismark, Ravana, Thordan, Nidhogg, Sephirot, Sophia, and Zurvan.) Opening the fights before the farming starts is appreciated but we can help you with this if necessary.  Having watched a video is also appreciated but not necessary; we can walk you through the fights.  Please be level 70 and reasonably geared! We will be using Discord to coordinate; you don’t have to talk but please do be ready to listen so we can farm efficiently. Note that you are welcome to show up late but you are NOT guaranteed a slot, and if we are able to make a slot for you, the people who showed up on time will get first shot at the birbs! So if you want your birbs, be on time!


How to dye your chocobo! (A quick guide)

A couple of people have recently been asking how to dye their riding chocobos, so here’s a short guide on how to do that!

1. First, you must have the ability to stable and train your chocobo before you can dye it.  To gain this ability, you must be level 30 and complete the quest line “My Feisty Little Chocobo” which starts with Docette in Camp Tranquil.

2. Next, go to https://ffxivchocobo.com/ and you will see the following screen:

Choco color guide 1

3. Select your chocobo’s current color in the “Current Colour” box.  The default chocobo color is “Desert Yellow.”

4. Select your chocobo’s desired color in the “Desired Colour” box. In the screenshot, Snow White is the hoped-for final chocobo color.

5. Click the “Calculate” button and you will get a list of info similar to the following:

Choco color guide 2

The most important info on this screen is the list of dye fruit you will need. For example, to change a chocobo from Desert Yellow to Snow White will take:  5x Cieldalaes Pineapple, 13x Valfruit, 16x Doman Plum.  Write down the list of fruit you will need.

6.  Next click the “View Feeding Order” button and you will get a list like this:

choco color guide 3

This tells you the best order to feed these fruits to your chocobo for your best shot at having the dye job work out perfectly the first time. Write down this feeding list. This order isn’t STRICTLY required — don’t freak if you mix up a Valfruit and a Doman Plum once, it will probably still be fine — but it’s good to stay close to this.  The fruits act by adjusting the R-G-B (Red-Green-Blue) values of your chocobo’s feathers, but it is possible to either bottom out or cap out one of those values by feeding too many of the same fruits in a row, which will mess up the final values you get and result in a different dye job than the one you were hoping for.  There’s no need to panic and abort your dye job if you mess up the order though — just try and alternate fruits as much as possible to avoid hitting the limits of the RGB values.

7. Ask an FC officer or Firebrand to get the fruits you need from the locked tab of the FC chest. We usually have plenty in stock.  If you are reading this guide and you’re not in our FC and yours doesn’t stock this fruit, you can get it from the Market Board, or you can grow it yourself in gardens or flower pots. The seeds are only available with Allied Seals from the Hunt Billmasters at the Grand Company HQs. They cost 15 seals per pack of seeds and the seeds are not tradeable – you will have to plant your own seeds! No one else can do this for you! There is no other source of choco dye fruits in the game other than those grown by players.

8. Put your chocobo in the stable, click “Tend to my chocobo”, and then “Feed”. Start feeding the fruit to your buddy bird in the suggested order (or something close to the suggested order.) You will have to feed each fruit individually but keep going until you’ve shoved the whole pile into your poultry pal. Expect this to take a few minutes. You will get some text messages every now and then during the feeding indicating that your chocobo has “started to grow new feathers.” This means a color shift has taken place. Don’t stop feeding until the fruit is all gone though — your bird will most likely go through several sets of new feathers during this feeding process.

9. Once the whole fruit salad has been devoured, LEAVE YOUR CHOCOBO IN THE STABLE FOR SIX HOURS REAL TIME. Not Eorzean time, REAL TIME.  It’s often best to do this just before you log out for the night if you typically have your chocobo out of the stable while playing. If you disturb your chocobo before the six hours are up, you will interrupt the color change process and the dye job will fail, which is a huge waste of time and fruit. So don’t do it.  Just let your chocobo digest his huge fruit meal in peace.

10. After the six hours (real time!) have passed, go get your chocobo from the stable. You will get a very brief cut scene showing off your bird’s new color plumage!  Hopefully you will get the color you were after with only one feeding, but sometimes you might need to do another round to tweak the shade if it didn’t work out quite right. Some colors are notoriously difficult to hit with the first feeding, Soot Black in particular. But most colors are fairly easy to hit.  Tweaking the color should only take a few more fruit, so you can go back to the color calculator, figure out what you need, feed it, and wait another six hours.

11. Enjoy your beautiful birb!

blue choco

red choco


Materia Overmelding Odds Sheet

Hey guys, I’ve been getting a lot of requests for overmelds recently, which always brings empty wallets and tears. I put together a quick spreadsheet showing the odds of getting an overmeld success after a certain number of tries (up to 40) depending on the base chance of success of the overmeld. This probably won’t ease the strain on your character’s wallet but at least it might brace you for the psychological shock of a long string of failed overmelds!


PDF file here

overmeld chances.PNG

New Short Guide: Adaptive Hotbars

I’ve created a new short guide to using macros to make basic adaptive hotbars. By “adaptive” I mean the bars can be made visible or invisible without going to the HUD menu, and the commands shown on the bars can be changed with a single click.  This allows you to greatly expand the effective number of hotbars you can quickly access, and also allows you to declutter your UI, making specialized commands (for crafting, say) disappear from your UI when not needed.

Check out the new guide here if you’re interested!

Free FC Room for Astral Heroes

Hey folks, for those who weren’t able to attend the party yesterday, I want to make everyone aware that we’ve decided to offer a new membership reward to members who have achieved Astral Hero rank (six months active in the FC): a free FC room! If you’ve reached this rank and don’t have a room yet, see me or another officer and we’ll get you set up with the 300k gil you need to get a room of your own. (And yes, Sai, if you already bought a room, we’ll give you the 300k cash, if you want it.)
Note that to get an FC room you need to have met the game’s requirements, which I believe are level 50 and a certain rank in your Grand Company. Make sure you have this done before you try to get a room!
For people who aren’t aware, our member ranks are based on active time in the FC. Starting rank is Ember Page; one month active is Spark Knight; three months active is Flare Warrior, six months active is Astral Hero, and a full year active is Eternal Flame.
Dora's messy room.PNG