Selected Buffet Table Recipes

Here are the recipes for the five meals I most commonly keep on the Buffet Table, arranged from least to most crafting difficulty.

Oasis Breakfast is a level 50 1-star recipe. Most of the ingredients should be available cheaply on the Market Board. Olive Oil can be purchased from the Sahagin vendor.

Oasis breakfast recipe

Afternoon Tea Set is a level 50 2-star craft. Honey Muffins can be bought cheaply at the Gold Saucer. The rest of the ingredients should be pretty cheap on the Market Board.

Afternoon Tea Recipe

Gourmet Supper is a level 50 2-star craft. Dzemael Gratin can be bought from Mestonnaux in Ishgard’s Jeweled Crozier area.  La Noscean Lettuce can be bought from the materials vendor in the FC House.

Gourmet Supper Recipe

Cake Tray is a level 52 craft.  The ingredients are easily available through gathering or the Market Board.

Cake tray recipe

Alpine Tea Set is a level 57 craft. La Noscean Oranges can be bought at the FC House materials vendor.  Cloud Bananas are a somewhat difficult gather and tend to be pricey on the Market Board.

Alpine Tea recipe





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