Power Leveling Blue to 60

Since the Blue Mage class can’t participate in daily roulettes to get XP, the devs have provided Blues with a hefty open-world experience bonus.  It is possible, with the help of a friend, to use this bonus to level your Blue Mage from 1 all the way to 60 in under an hour very easily.  Here’s how to do it.

  1. You will need a friend — preferably with a level 80 healer class — to help you out, or you could pair up with another person who wants to level Blue Mage and take turns leveling. Note: it used to be possible to do this by yourself by utilizing a glitch wherein you could kill a mob instantly on a level 80 class, swap to Blue Mage immediately, and reap the XP on the Blue Mage class, but that glitch has been fixed and no longer works.
  2. You and your high level partner CANNOT be in a party together or you will get no XP. I like to set up a linkshell for easy communication during leveling, but you could also probably manage by just shouting at each other if you prefer!
  3. Go to an area in the Heavensward zones that has a high density of level 59 open-world mobs to hunt.  My two favorite spots are the northwest corner of Azys Lla, or the southwest area of the Hinterlands around Matoya’s cave. If you are trying to level Blue Mage but haven’t opened these zones yet, you can also level Blue Mage on the northernmost island in the Sea of Clouds, which is accessible earlier, provided your leveling partner has a two-seater mount and can give you a lift to the northern part of the zone.  The island with the Void Ark entrance on it has the best hunting but the mobs are not as densely packed as the ones in Asyz Lla or the Hinterlands so expect the leveling to take a bit longer if you choose this hunting spot.
  4. If you have not opened any Heavensward zones yet, you can only use this method to easily get to level 50 or maybe 51-52 with patience. I used to use Cape Westwind for leveling Blues to 50 before the level 60 content was released.
  5. Once you’ve gotten to your spot, make sure you are NOT PARTIED with your leveling partner. Ideally your partner will be a level 70+ SCH or AST who can put a shield on you that will keep your baby Blue Mage from getting one-shotted, but other classes can work too as long as the baby Blue doesn’t target any caster or ranged mobs. The Baby Blue can then run amok tagging all the mobs (Flying Sardine works best for this but any offensive single-target spell can be used) and the high level partner will then kill them.  It is REQUIRED that the baby Blue be the one to tag the mobs first; if the level 80 hits them first the Blue will get no XP from the kill.
  6. An hour or so of this should result in a fully capped level 60 Blue Mage. (Half an hour to get to 50, and the other half hour to get from 50-60.)
  7. The level 80 can help multiple baby Blues level at the same time if the baby Blues are within a few levels of each other and they party up with each other.

And that’s all there is to it!