Page Index: Stormblood Compleat MSQ Text!

Hi folks! I started cutting and pasting down the MSQ text for my own reference as I worked through Stormblood on my main character. When some other folks expressed interest in getting access to the text, I decided to clean up my cut-and-paste and make it available to the greater FFXIV community.  I hope you enjoy it!  I believe I captured about 98% of the total quest text; if you spot any omissions, typos, or formatting errors, feel free to leave me a message here or send me an email at letting me know.


(I feel like that ought to be obvious, but just in case, you’ve been warned!)

Game text is copyright © Square Enix, not me. 

Dialogue responses I chose are italicized, as is in-game text.
I have added key information in brackets [Like This] when needed to annotate the dialogue for clarity. Or for my own amusement.
My character (Auric) went through the main story as a Paladin. He’s a First Lieutenant in the Immortal Flames as well, so Raubahn calls him “Lieutenant” a lot.

  1. Gyr Abania
  2. Kugane
  3. The Ruby Sea
  4. Yanxia
  5. The Azim Steppes
  6. Yanxia Again
  7. Return to Gyr Abania
  8. The Peaks
  9. The Lochs