Information on Bird (Lanner Mount) Farming


  1. Due to game restrictions, bird farming will only be open to players with a level 60 job and the necessary gear level.
  2. The Heavensward Ex Primal fights are much harder than the Realm Reborn Ex Primal fights.
  3. The bird drop rate, while increased, is most likely still quite a bit lower than the pony drop rate.
  4. We will need eight people to show up for the farm. These fights cannot be undersized; we need the full eight or we will have to fill the group  with DF/PF. (Ed: Thanks for the correction Flam.)
  5. All of this taken together means that we will get through fewer clears per farm with birds than with ponies, meaning fewer chances for a drop, meaning we will probably have farm sessions where no one gets anything except maybe a token or two.  Frustration levels may be high; people may drop out more often; runs may end early if too may people leave.
  6. On the plus side, the birds are cool mounts with more prestige attached (since they are harder to get than ponies); this would be an opportunity for more FC members to learn the harder fights in a friendly group; and there are other desirable drops from these HW primals, such as weapons, music, and Triad cards. So even if we don’t get a bird every run, the bird farm may be worthwhile.
Four Lanners
Ravana, Nidhogg, Bismarck, and Thorden Lanners (Green Sephirot Lanner not shown.)