Heaven-On-High: Strategic Overview

One of the key strategic points to realize for clearing Floor 100 of HoH is that the bosses aren’t the big problem; the floor mobs are the big problem.  The only boss I’ve ever died to was on floor 90, and one time that was just because we got to him with only 3 minutes left on our timer and couldn’t finish the fight.  You should study the notes for each boss in Maygi’s guide so you don’t get caught by surprise mechanics, but the only boss that’s even mildly challenging is the floor 90 boss. (There is no Floor 100 boss.)  Your  real challenge in clearing HOH lies in how you handle getting through the non-boss floors. So in this document I’m going to talk about your general approach to each set of floors.

Floors 21-40

The first two sets of floors should be super-easy with everyone’s maxed or near-maxed gear. Your goals should be to fill up your pomander and magicite rack as much as possible, max out any non-maxed weapons, learn to communicate with your team well, and practice good tactics such as mob stunning, fighting in the halls, wall-hugging, and not opening chests in combat.  Take the time to explore the whole floor and open all the available chests.  Mimics are stunnable here so you should be able to avoid getting poxed (stun the “infatuation” cast) and deal with them quickly. You can find silver hoards from 21-30 and gold hoards from 31-40. Whether you want to hunt for the hoards on these floors or not is up to your team. Silver hoards can drop the Gyr Abanian Plait hairstyle.  You won’t wipe on these floors unless your team messes up badly. If that happens, you may need more tactical practice before you try the higher floors!  You can use Pomanders pretty freely on these floors as you will have time to replace them. Conserve your magicite and only use them when you find a fourth one you can’t carry.

Floors 41-60

Still pretty easy.  The mobs will start getting a bit tougher and more dangerous.  Tighten up your tactics and make sure your team is practicing good discipline. You still want to be going after pomanders and magicites to fill up your rack.  Try to max out your gear.  Hoards are not really worth going for much on these floors as they are all gold-haloed which don’t drop anything too great.  Start keeping a bit of an eye on your time to get a feel for how well your team is DPSing its way through the mobs.  Mimics are still stunnable and will only appear from silver chests.  Start being more conservative with your pomander use.

Floors 61-80

It’s time to start getting serious. Mobs will start to have a lot more HP and more deadly special attacks.  Mimics are no longer stunnable, making them much more detrimental to the party as at least one person is likely to end up poxed per mimic fight.  They will only appear in gold chests from this point on, so feel free to open all the silver chests you find. Silver chests can still be explosive, however, so don’t open them in combat. Be quite conservative with your pomander use as replacing them will get more costly to the group. Use magicite only if necessary to save the run.  Platinum hoards will start being available on floor 71; they drop the Dodo mount (rarely). Your team should discuss how much hoard-hunting they want to do, if any. If platinum hoards are a priority for your team, you’re better off hunting them on floor 71-80 than on the later floors, but it can still be costly and risky. If your team’s priority is clears only, don’t hunt any hoards at all; just grab them if they happen to be on your way and otherwise ignore them.

Your team should probably take a break for food, bio, and stretching after completing floor 80 because things are about to get real.

Floors 81-90

This set of floors is regarded by most people as the most difficult one to conquer.  The mobs are tough and have many instant-kill attacks. There are patrols all the time.  You will have floors with several damaging floor effects going at once, often in a row!  Your goal with this set should be to focus on getting through each floor as quickly and quietly as possible. (Pretend you’re Solid Snake.) Minimize fights.  Conserve your pomanders and magicites as much as possible but be ready to use the powerful ones to avoid a wipe.  Open ONLY chests you must to restock your pomanders or magicite. Chests will be rarer in general and most of them will be mimics or trapped. Don’t even think about looking for hoards unless they are right on the way to the exit and you can get them without starting a fight. Do NOT get careless!  Traps can wipe you. Mimics can wipe you.  Bad luck can wipe you.

Use strict party discipline and best tactics. Even if it seems everything is going fine, the situation can turn deadly in a heartbeat.  Start using a disposable scout (generally a DPS) to pathfind the way to the exit; if they draw aggro or trigger a trap, let them die and then raise them after, don’t try to save them and drag the whole party into a time consuming and dangerous fight.  Locate the exit as quickly as you can, and fight only the minimum number of mobs you have to in order to open the door.  Choose easy mobs to fight; avoid ones that are unstunnable or have dangerous AOE attacks (Review the mob lists in the various guides and learn the most dangerous ones!)  Fight IN THE HALLS NOT THE ROOMS whenever possible. If you have to fight in a room, pile into a corner and move as little as possible to avoid hitting traps (but watch out for cleaves!)

Keep a close eye on your time. You have to clear nine floors and a boss; aim to spend no more than five minutes per floor, leaving ten minutes for the boss fight and five minutes of leeway to spend wherever you need it most. The boss fight should not actually take ten minutes but it’s heartbreaking to reach the boss and then not have enough time to finish him and wipe the run due to that – I know, this happened on one of my runs.  Better safe than sorry.  If you have a rare Odin magicite and you are short on time or struggling with the floor 90 boss, go ahead and use it on him as it’s the only magicite that will one-shot a boss and this is the last boss you’ll face.

Floors 91-100

If you’ve made it past the floor 90 boss and still have a full rack of pomanders and magicite, the last set of floors should be mostly a victory lap as long as you don’t get careless.  There are only nine real floors here as once you reach floor 100 all you have to do it interact with an object to obtain the clear.  Ideally you will have three magicites in your rack, as well as three poms of Petrification, three poms of Serenity, and three poms of Sight.  If you play your poms right, you will only have to really worry about floors 91, 92, and 93.  For floors 94, 95, and 96 you will pop a pom of Sight to see where the exit is, then a pom of Petrification, and you will clear your way straight to the door and leave (if you have Poms of Safety to remove all traps before you beeline to the door, so much the better). For floors 97, 98, and 99, you will use your magicites and just eliminate the whole floor and leave.  Use the poms of Serenity if you get a floor that tries to prevent you from using items.

If you follow this plan, you will have plenty of time to work carefully through floors 91, 92, and 93. Use best discipline and tactics here. Hunt for hoards if you feel like it but don’t jeopardize your shot at a clear.  You should probably clear your way to the door first and get it open, then if you want to risk opening chests to find more poms or magicites, you might be able to sacrifice the chest-opener to any mimic that shows up and avoid a pox. (You can raise someone easily but you can’t unpox them without a Pom of Purity, so in this case, death is preferable!)  If you’re going to mess around like this, you’re much better off doing it in floors 91, 92, and 93 than in the 80s because you have a lot more time to fix bad luck, as long as the whole party doesn’t wipe.