Heaven-On-High Clears: Prepping to Go

Weapon and Armor Levels

Before attempting a level 100 clear of HOH, you should have your Empyrean gear leveled to at least 85/85. Having them capped to 99/99 is optimal, of course, but you will be able to get some gear pluses in the earlier floor sets so a little leeway here is all right – but only a little!  Once you get to floor 61+, not only will you need the power and protection of max gear, you will ideally want to avoid opening any chests you can, to reduce encounters with mimics; if your gear is maxed and your magicite slots are full, you will have no need to open any silver chests at all.

Kyusei at Onokoro will show you your gear stats without requiring you to go into HOH.

Items to Take In

  1. Phoenix Down: Every player who doesn’t have a raise should carry one of these in their inventory in case the healer and the backup raiser are both down. You can buy these from the Market Board. You can only carry one of these at a time, so if you use yours during a floor set, be sure to go outside and grab another one before continuing on.
  2. OverAspected Cluster (Optional): This is a non-tradeable item that drops in Eureka and works just like a Phoenix down, providing a non-combat raise. I tested one in HOH and it works there as well, allowing non-raisers to carry two separate non-combat raise items. The drawbacks here are that they are a random drop from Eureka you will have to farm for, and they are not tradeable so you can’t buy them off the MB. But if you happen to have one, they work great! I got my drop of this item from Eureka Anemos; I’m not sure if it’s available in the other Eureka zones or not. I suspect not.
  3. Empyrean Potions: These pots can be bought from the Confederate Custodian at Onokoro for a cost of 1 Empyrean Shard for 20 potions. Every player should have at least one stack of these, and the tank should have ask many stacks as (s)he can afford. They provide a powerful regeneration effect that can save your life in a pinch and will reduce the load on your healer in general. Make room on your hotbar for these so you don’t have to hunt in your bag for one.
  4. Echo Drops, Spine Drops, Antidote: These super-cheap potions are available from NPC vendors in all the main cities and you want to take a stack of each of them into HOH with you. Make room on your hotbar to have these handy.  Echo Drops remove silence, Spine Drops remove paralysis, and Antidote removes poison. You could also take Eye Drops if you want but Blindness is a less dangerous debuff so this potion is optional. (I don’t bother with it.)  The nice thing about these potions is you can use them on others in your party in a pinch.  Just get close to the affected party member, target them, and click on the potion. If your healer gets silenced, you can toss an Echo Drops on them and then they can Esuna the effect off anyone else who got hit.  Similarly, removing paralysis from your healer or tank can save the run. Antidote can be used to clear poison from yourself or from the tank to save the healer from having to Esuna.
  5. Super-Ether & Super-Potion: Take some of these in with you as well and put them on your hotbar.  Super-Ether is the more useful of the two and the healer should definitely bring a stack, but if you are running a PLD tank, (s)he should have these too.  Super-potions are less important because Empyrean Potions will usually do a better job of keeping you alive, but Empyrean Potions  give a heal-over-time effect and you might need a chunk of HP quickly to stay up.  So carrying some super-potions can’t hurt.
  6. Vitality Food: Take food that gives you the highest vitality bonus you can afford and use it. The secondary stat boosts don’t apply in HOH, but the HP boost from vitality does.