Heaven-On-High Clears: List of Unstunnables

Stunning mobs is an extremely important tactic when clearing Deep Dungeons. Unfortunately some mobs are resistant to stunning. This is a list of known Unstunnables in Heaven-On-High.

Unstunnables in Heaven On High

Disclaimer: This list is not complete! In particular I have no entries after floor 90 because the most successful strategy for a clear involves doing as little fighting post-90 as possible. Please let me know if you find any errors in this list or if you find any unstunnables to add.

Description Name Found
Two-armed trees Tenaga floor 20+
Bomber Harakiri Floor 30+
Heavy overlapping armor w/stack marker Kiyofusa Floor 30+
Biggie Golems Kuro-Usagi Floor 40+
Monolith with big beam Sekiban Floor 40+
Rock Lion Aka-Ishi Floor 40+
Golem with green shards Sekizu Floor 40+
Big armor with huge sword Tetsu-Kyojin Floor 50+
Patrolling juggernaut Dokyu Floor 50+
Two-legged artillery shooter Rachimonai Floor 50+
White Tiger Hyoga Floor 70+
Ice Golem Hyozan Floor 70+
Mammoth Mammoth Floor 70+
Yak Yak Floor 70+
Hairy Cow Garula floor 80+
Elephant Man Matanga floor 80+
Gorilla Rowan floor 80+
Minotaur Gozu floor 80+
Elephant Ryokutsu floor 80+
Chimera Chimera floor 80+
Cyclops Hitotsume floor 80+