Current FC Officer List

 Current Officer List (as of 2/19/2018)

FC Leader (Title subject to frequent change)

Auric Seagard  (Alts: Diana Themyskira, Brioche Croquembouche; you may also see R’elendra Korath and Bartholomew Rex, my buff couriers.)

Sun Wardens (Housing & Administration)

  • Faelily Riversong (alts: Hudson Hawke the Butler, Melody Riversong)
  • Marvolose Stellazio (alt: Marvenas Stellazio)
  • Skylar Paige

Flame Guardians (Event Runners)

  • Aster Enelsyion (Lyra Enelysion)
  • Veloces Animus (Lythica Wildeflower)

Stellar Sentries (Officers)

  • The Flamingfer (Theother Flamingfer)
  • Lucient Lambardo
  • Oliver Smoak
  • Paper Cup

Gleam Scouts (Trial/Limited Duty officers)

  • Rain Bluesummers (Reach Bottomshelf)
  • Zam Namir
  • Mord Ra’har
  • Ulquiorra Cyfer (Tier Harribel)
  • Loki Baby (Loki Storm)


  • Giedi Starsky

Firebrands (FC Helpers)

  • Glace Heartbreaker (Adamantia Oakenshield, Woo’ar Yuu)
  • Colorful Sky
  • Reyna Gesi
  • Quetzal Coatl
  • Eira Wintersong
  • Tarren Paige
  • Zantelian Belkrant
  • Sylvia Riloth
Other Helpful People in the FC

Discord Manager: Marvolose Stellazio

Teamspeak: Auric Seagard

Banner Designer/Portrait Artist: Faelily Riversong

Logo Designer: Oliver Smoak