Current FC Officer List

 Current Officer List (as of 7/11/2016)

FC Leader (Title subject to frequent change)

Auric Seagard

Sun Wardens (Masters)

  • The Flamingfer
  • Giedi Starsky
  • Marvolose Stellazio
  • Leonida Felis
  • Purpura Felis
  • Faelily Riversong (AKA Hudson Hawke the Butler)

Flame Guardians (Officers)

  • Ulquiorra Cyfer
  • Loki Baby

Stellar Sentries (Trial/Limited Duty  Officers)

  • Neil Gaiman (no, not THAT one.)

Firebrands (FC Helpers)

  • Glace Heartbreaker
  • Colorful Sky
  • Lala Gesi
  • Quetzal Coatl
  • Eira Wintersong
  • Rain Bluesummers
  • Aster Enelysion
Other Helpful People in the FC

Discord Manager: Marvolose Stellazio

Teamspeak Provider:  Leonida Felis (Contact her if there are any problems)

Backup Teamspeak: Auric Seagard

Banner Designer/Portrait Artist: Faelily Riversong

Logo Designer: Oliver Smoak