Starlight 2017 FC Event Slideshow!

Enjoy these screenshots taken at our Flames Starlight 2017 FC event! 98% of these were taken by Veloces “Rudolph” Animus, and just a few by me.  Thanks again to everyone who helped put this event together!



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Milk & Cookies for the Saint! 2017

FLAME is doing its second annual MILK & COOKIES FOR THE SAINT event! Last year we did this at the Gridanian Aetheryte, but this year our genius house designer Faelily has decorated the upstairs of our FC house just for the Saint’s arrival, so we will be having the event there and expanding it to two sittings! Show up to the event with a snack for the Saint (Milk & a Cookie is suggested, though other offerings are likely to be acceptable as well) and receive a toy (minion) in exchange! Bring the whole family!

Santa 2017 invite