Auric’s Basic Guide to the Masked Carnivale

This guide is intended for people looking for a basic clear of the current 30 challenges in the Masked Carnivale. It describes each fight and one reasonable strategy for clearing it. I have not included any information on how to earn the various possible achievements available through the Masked Carnivale, such as Perfect Blue, nor have I given any info on how to do the weekly bonus challenges; my intent here was to make it possible for people to get through all 30 challenges and learn all the Totem spells up to Angel Whisper.

In order to clear the Masked Carnivale with the least amount of stress, I recommend that you first level your Blue Mage to 60 and then make sure you have a reasonable set of ilevel 270 gear for them (some combination of Augmented Shire Philosopher’s gear, Alexander Savage gear, and Whalaquee Accessories that can be bought from Maudlin Latool Ja at Ul’dah (12,13) with Allied Seals after you open the Blue Log.) Your weapon doesn’t actually matter, but if you want a tiny extra edge, pick up the Incendiario weapon for 800 Allied Seals from Maudlin and slap a couple of Savage Aim V materia onto it. You should meld all your gear with as much Critical Hit as you can, then Heavens’ Eye, then Spell Speed. Take along some good caster food — Espresso Con Panna, Kukuru Rusk, Herring Pie, Lemonade — and a decent set of spells. You can even take potions if you feel like it — Grade 2 Tincture of Intelligence is considered the best for a level 60 Blue Mage. You also might find a use for Echo drops to remove silence in a fight or two.

Here’s a list of recommended spells to take in! Note that in multi-act fights you CANNOT swap your spells after you begin the challenge, even though you are out of combat! That works in dungeons but it doesn’t work here, so if you need special spells for a particular challenge make sure you have them active and on your hot bar before you go in.

General spells to take

    • Aetherial Mimicry. I suggest using Healer stance for these fights as it allows cheap, powerful, reasonably fast heals and increased MP regen, both of which are extremely useful. DPS stance can also work if you’re good at dodging. Tank stance isn’t recommended as it doesn’t really help.
    • Heal spells. If you’re going on Healer stance, take Pom Cure, Gobskin, and Exuviate. If on some other stance, take White Wind and Exuviate.
    • Defense spells. You will definitely need to take Diamondback. You may occasionally have a use for Mighty Guard, but since it reduces your DPS output by 70% there aren’t that many fights where it’s actually all that helpful.
    • Death and Flat Damage spells. These will make many of the Carnivale challenges MUCH easier.  Level 5 Death is a must, and Missile is very good. Doom and Tail Screw are less useful since they’re hard to hit with, but better than nothing! Launcher is also a possibility but the random damage and high MP cost make it not one of my favorites. You can check with the Celelestium attendant when you go to enter each fight to see which bosses are immune to death spells and which aren’t, but note that he won’t tell you about the status of any adds that pop during the fight. My guide will let you know.
    • Elemental Damage spells. Many of the bosses and adds have elemental weaknesses. It helps to target these, although in most cases it’s not strictly necessary as other spells will still do damage, just not as efficiently. You’ll want to take any Primal spells you have, plus Surpanakha, plus some single or multi-target spells on the GCD.  If you want to maximize your damage you can take Condensed Libra and target your elemental spells toward the vulnerability you get. Abyssal Transfixion is good for Physical vulnerability, Reflux or Sonic Boom for Astral, and Water Cannon for Umbral. As with the Death spells, you can check the bosses’ elemental weaknesses and immunities by speaking to the Celestium Attendant, but he won’t say anything about any adds that pop during the fight. See the guide below for info.
    • Damage Buff and DoT spell combo.  Bring along Bristle and Song of Torment. Use Bristle as often as you can with Song of Torment, and keep the Song up 100% of the time if possible. It does a LOT of damage while you’re busy dodging AOEs and handling other mechanics.
    • Interrupts:  You will want to take Flying Sardine and/or Bad Breath to interrupt many spells that will otherwise kill or severely damage you. (Bad Breath has a shorter range but can also put several other debuffs on the enemy, so maybe take both Sardine and Bad Breath if you have the space!)
    • The Kamikaze Combo! In the last act of every fight you have the option of finishing off the boss with an attack that takes you out as well; as long as the boss goes down, it counts as a success for you! This is extremely useful, although the point at which it is safe to use this combo can vary drastically from fight to fight, so some experimentation might be necessary to pin down exactly when to use it for maximal effect. The strongest Kamikaze spell combo is:  Potion if you want, followed by Off-Guard, Whistle, Moon Flute, and Final Sting. My suggested percentages for Kamikaze Combos assume you used everything but the potion, so if you’re willing to expend the cash or effort to get potions you can Kamikaze the bosses a few percentages sooner. Note that you will need to clear 10 stages of the Carnivale before you can get Moon Flute to really power up your Kamikaze, so start off by focusing on the easy and gimmick fights until you can get the Moon Flute totem.

Fight Specific Spells

These are spells that are required to clear a specific fight. For recommended but not essential spells, see the individual fight description.

    • A Chorus Slime (7): Take Sticky Tongue, Snort, or Protean Wave.
    • A Bombedy of Errors (8): Flying Sardine or Bad Breath
    • Plant-Om of the Opera (12): Ice Spikes or Veil of the Whorl for Act 1; Same for Act 2 plus also Faze or Bomb Toss.
    • Blobs in the Woods (14) : Loom or Diamondback
    • The Me Nobody Nodes (15): Acorn Bomb
    • Sunset Bull-evard (16): Act 2, Loom or Diamondback
    • On a Clear Day You Can Smell Forever (19): Act one: Physical attack spells; Act two: Physical attack spells, Inkjet
    • Miss Typhon (20): Diamondback
    • Chimera on a Hot Tin Roof (21): Diamondback or Loom
    • Behemoths and Broomsticks (23): Diamondback
    • Amazing Technicolor Pit Fiends (24): Act one: physical and magical type damage spells; Act two: Exuviate or Diamondback; Act three: physical type damage spells.
    • Dirty Rotten Azulmagia (25): Act one: magic damage attacks; Act two: physical damage attacks; Act three: physical and magical damage attacks, Loom or Diamondback.
    • Papa Mia (26): Act two: Eerie Soundwave, Exuviate.
    • Lock Up Your Snorters (27): Water Cannon, Sticky Tongue or Snort or Protean Wave.
    • Dangerous When Dead (28): Fire Angon
    • Red, Fraught, and Blue (29): Flying Sardine, Electrogenesis, Diamondback
    • Catch of the Siegfried (30): Exuviate, Abyssal Transfixion

Specific Fight Strategies

  1.  All’s Well that Starts Well
    1. Nothing special here. All three mobs are vulnerable to Death-type spells, so try Level 5 Death for an instant win (Pull all three together before you use the spell.) If that doesn’t kill them all, freeze with Ram’s Voice and kill. Or just straight up kill. You might want Exuviate for the slime’s poison but it’s not required.
  2. Much Ado About Pudding
    1. You can do what the challenge wants you to do and take along a variety of elemental spells to hit the slimes with their weak element. Or you can just use a Death spell on them, they’re vulnerable. You can also freeze them with Ram’s voice and then kill them with any decent damage spell that they aren’t strong against. Note: They’re invulnerable to physical spells like Abyssal Transfixion so don’t bother with those.
  3. Waiting for Golem
    1. This is the first Carnival enemy who is immune to Death spells (the jerk.)  So you’ll just have to hit him a lot with Water Cannon or any other water-type spell to target his vulnerability. Other elemental spells also do good damage on him, so take your Primal spells if you have them handy.  You can interrupt his various casts with Flying Sardine if you feel the need but they’re not instant kills, so you can just dodge/heal/ignore them as well. You can Kamikaze combo him at around 25%.
  4. Gentlemen Prefer Swords
    1. The three mobs in the first act are all vulnerable to death. If Level 5 doesn’t drop them, use Missile/Tail Screw/Doom/Launcher, or freeze with Ram’s Voice and just DPS them down with your favorite lightning and fire spells.
    2. The main mob in the second act is invulnerable to Death, but weak to lightning. Freeze him with Ram’s Voice, weaken him with Bad Breath if desired, then smack him around with Shock Strike, Electrogenesis, and/or Reflux. At about 50% health he will summon a pack of six beetles who are vulnerable to Earth spells. You can hit them with Mountain Buster and/or Plaincracker, or you can Level 5 Death them as they’re vulnerable. Kreios can cast Magitek Field which will give him a defense buff for about 15 seconds, so you might want to interrupt that with Flying Sardine, Bad Breath, or Ram’s Voice, or you can strip it off him with Eerie Soundwave. Or you can just wait until it falls off. You can Kamikaze him at around 65%.
  5. The Threepenny Turtles
    1. The turtles are invulnerable to everything ….except Death spells!  Unfortunately you can’t get all three of them with one cast of Level 5 Death due to its small AOE (and the turtles can’t be moved), but you can hit two and then finish off the third with your favorite Death-type spell (I like Missile, but Tail Screw/Doom/Launcher can work too.)
  6. Eye Society
    1. Act One here is totally a gimmick fight.  Stand in the Mandragora’s “Teary Twirl” attack to blind yourself, then go DPS down the two Catoblepesas (Catoblepii?) with whatever spells you like.
    2. Step in the Teary Twirl attack from the Mandragora to blind yourself, then kill the Mandra and the two eye mobs with Level 5 Death. The Catoblepas is immune to Death spells but you can just burn him down once you’re blinded and safe from his gaze. Note that you can also just turn your back on his gaze to avoid getting petrified. You can probably also one-shot the Catoblepas with the Kamikaze Combo.
  7. A Chorus Slime
    1. This is another gimmick fight. Kill the Lava Slime with whatever damage spell you like (not physical) and it will explode and kill the ice sprites instantly.
    2. More gimmicks. You need to move each Lava Slime over next to an Ice Sprite and kill them from a distance so that each slime destroys an ice sprite. Move the slimes using either Sticky Tongue (preferred) or Snort or Protean Wave, then back away out of range and kill them.
    3. Still more gimmicks! Move three slimes over next to each of the towers, and kill them to destroy the towers. Make sure you are behind the barrier when the tower explodes or it will kill you.  Move behind the barrier when the tower fires off its attack, which will take about 50% of your HP (instant kill if you get hit by both at once.)  You can kill the slimes one at a time or as a pack, whichever you like; just be sure to take cover from the towers when necessary. Also don’t be within range of the slimes when they explode.
  8. Bomb-edy of Errors
    1. Gimmick fight. Hit the point grenade with Sonic Boom or some other DPS spell and watch the chain reaction.
    2. Mostly a gimmick fight. Kill each grenade to blow up the snolls and temporarily freeze the Progenetrix. She is immune to Death spells unfortunately so just DPS her down, being sure to keep interrupting Burst with Flying Sardine or Bad Breath. You can Kamikaze her at around 35%.
  9. To Kill A Mockingslime
    1. Hey this fight is (mostly) not a gimmick!  Guimauve is not vulnerable to Death spells, and he will keep placing AOE pools of darkness around the arena and summoning helper slimes with differing elemental weaknesses. He will summon a total of six helpers, one at a time, and they are all vulnerable to death spells, so you have the option of waiting for all six to spawn and then taking all or most of them out with Level 5 Death. Take Guimauve to the edge of the arena (but not in the lightning wall) and move around it in a circle slowly as he places his darkness puddles.  Try to interrupt his Golden Tongue cast with Flying Sardine or Bad Breath as it makes his attacks hurt much more.  Focus on damaging him with group spells and letting the secondary damage kill the helper slimes for you if you didn’t manage to Death/Missile/Tail Screw/Doom/Launcher them. The helper slimes can be frozen with Ram’s Voice which helps reduce their damage output. Keep yourself healed up, stay out of the AOEs, silence Golden Tongue, and eventually Guimauve will go down. He is immune to Final Sting but the alternate Kamikaze Combo of Bristle + Toad Oil + Moonflute + Off-guard + Self-Destruct can be used at around 40%.
  10. A Little Knight Music
    1. Death spells won’t work here, so just DPS this guy down. Interrupt his King’s Will cast with Flying Sardine or Bad Breath or he’ll get buffed. You can Kamikaze him at 40%.
  11. Some Like It Excruciatingly Hot
    1. The Arena Gas Bombs will immediately start casting Fulmination when aggro’d. If they get the cast off you will die, but any hit on them resets the cast and also knocks them back. Push them close together up against a wall of the arena so they won’t move apart and use a group damage spell on them until they’re dead. (Death spells don’t work.)
    2. Just like in Act 1. Get all four of them together — I like to use Sticky Tongue to drag them together in the center at the start — and push them in a group up against a wall so they don’t move. Then use a group damage spell to burn them down.
  12. The Plant-Om of the Opera
    1. Cast Ice Spikes or Veil of the Whorl and aggro the Roselets. They’ll kill themselves on your damage shield.
    2. Stun Hydnora with Faze or Bomb Toss when he tries to cast Inflammable Fumes. Cast Ice Spikes or Veil of  the Whorl when the Roselets spawn so they kill themselves. Burn down Hydnora. He’s weak to water so take Water Cannon along. You can Kamikaze at around 30%.
  13. Beauty and a Beast
    1. Aggro the Haagenti and move him between the two petrified Vodrigas, then use Level 5 Death. If any of them survive use any other Death/Flat Damage spell on them to finish them off. I like Missile.
    2. Turn your back on Carmilla’s gaze attack. Stun the succubus add when Carmilla summons it, then burn it down before Carmilla eats it (or it will power up her Blood Rain and you’ll die.) You can Kamikaze her around 75%.
  14. Blobs in the Woods
    1. Gimmick fight. When you kill the Arena Jams, they explode and will kill you unless you shelter behind the barriers.
    2. Gimmick fight, part two. Same as part one but now the Jams will cast a Heavy on you that keeps you from running away from their explosion. Use Loom to move behind the barrier, or Diamondback to survive the explosion.
  15. The Me Nobody Nodes
    1. The Bestial Node has a number of attacks to dodge. Repelling Cannons is a center AOE while Superstorm is an outer ring without a telegraph. Ballast is a 270 degree attack that will knock you into the lightning ring if it hits, so don’t let it hit. Stand under the Node when it casts Superstorm. You should interrupt High Voltage unless you’re trying to learn the spell from him.  Right at the start the Node will immediately summon a Shabti add that has a damage up buff which will allow it to one-shot you if it reaches you. The easiest way to handle this is with Acorn Bomb as he is vulnerable to sleep. While he’s asleep you can use a Death/Flat Damage spell on him — he’s vulnerable to that too — or just let him sleep until his buff drops off and then kill him with normal DPS. Eerie Soundwave will not take away his buff.  Later on the Node summons two snakes to chase you around; they can’t be slept or frozen and are not vulnerable to Death but they have no special attacks so just burn them down while dodging the Node’s AOEs, then finish off the Node. You can Kamikaze him at 30%.
  16. Sunset Bull-evard
    1. If the Arena Cyclops get within range of you they will one-shot you, and they are immune to Death/Flat Damage. But they are not immune to Heavy (use Reflux on them) or Sleep (use Acorn Bomb.) Even if not heavied they are very slow, so just stay ahead of them and burn them down. Use Acorn Bomb to keep one of them out of your hair while you kill the other.
    2. Tikbalang is immune to Death/Flat Damage attacks. He will use a 111-tonze swing AOE that will knock you into the Lightning Ring if it hits. He has a gaze attack you should turn away from. He will summon an Ogre add that works just like the ones in Act 1. After the Ogre is down he will buff himself with Bull’s Voice and cast a huge AOE attack (1111-tonze swing) that will fill up most of the arena when he casts it; take him to the edge of the lightning ring so that there’s a thin slice of safe space between his AOE and the lightning ring, and go there when he casts it. He will heavy you at the same time so use loom to move — or just Diamondback the attack. Tikbalang’s “Zoom In” attack will knock you into the lightning Ring; get out of it quick, or position yourself so that you will get knocked into the safe part of the arena, if possible. You can Kamikaze him at 75%.
  17. The Sword of Music
    1. The two claws are vulnerable to Death spells. Use Level 5 Death on them, and if it misses one finish it off with Missile/Tail Screw/Doom/Launcher or whatever you like.
    2. Kreios is invulnerable to Death spells but the two claw adds he summons aren’t. Death them down then kill Kreios with your favorite primal spells plus Reflux or Electrogenesis to take advantage of his lightning vulnerability. You can Kamikaze him at 35%.
  18. Midsummer Night’s Explosion
    1. The gimmick here is to use the explosive kegs to damage the Arena Manticore by luring him close to one, then attacking it or getting him to hit it with one of his attacks, which will turn it into a big AOE effect that will hopefully hit the Manticore. Be sure to dodge the AOE yourself, although it’s not one-shot kill so one mistake won’t doom you.  The Manticore has a front swipe with no telegraph, a long-distance fireball attack, and a charge attack, but none of them are much to worry about.
    2. Second verse, same as the first, only there are two Manticores now. Note that this fight is not over until all of the Firesand Kegs have exploded, as they count as opponents! That means if you use the Kamikaze Combo on one of the Manticores before all the kegs have exploded, you LOSE! You can Kamikaze a Manticore at about 45%.
  19. On A Clear Day You Can Smell Forever
    1. As you might guess from her name, Reflective Rebekkah’s deal is that she will quickly put up a shield that reflects all magic attacks. Eerie Soundwave will not remove it. You can get an off-guard and a few primal spells launched before it goes up, but after you’ll have to stick with physical attacks like Abyssal Transfixion to take her down. Other than that she’s just a morbol — don’t get hit by Bad Breath.
    2. This time around Rebekkah has a trick — she summons a circle of adds in the lightning ring (Hot Hips) who will all aim a gaze attack at you, which you will have a very hard time avoiding.  You can do it the hard way by finding the tiny slice of space that you can stare at that’s safe, or the easy way by taking Inkjet in with you and using Rebekkah’s shield to blind yourself, which will protect you from the gaze attacks. Then take Rebekkah down as in Act One. You can Kamikaze her at 75%.
  20. Miss Typhon
    1. You will need to Diamondback for Typhon’s Snort since he follows it up with three targeted fireballs that WILL kill you. You can’t interrupt it, so just pop a bubble and then burn him down however you like.
    2. Basically just a normal fight here — dodge Ultros’ attacks and burn him down.  You may want to bring Flying Sardine or Bad Breath along to interrupt Imp Song as that will slow down the fight if he gets it off, but it’s not fatal and you can just run around until it fades if you forgot to bring an interrupt.
    3. Load up your Kamikaze Combo and one-shot Typhon right out of the gate.
  21. Chimera on a Hot Tin Roof
    1. Pull the two Imps together and use Level 5 Death. If either of them survives, hit them with Missile/Tail Screw/Doom/Launcher until they don’t. Or burn down normally.
    2. The Chimera uses Ram’s Voice (a circular freeze AOE around him) and Dragon’s Voice (a lightning AOE in a donut) one right after the other with no telegraph and no stun or interruption possible, so you will have to dodge these. His other attacks can be interrupted, and using Flying Sardine on Ram’s Keeper is a good idea or the arena will rapidly become covered in ice. He will also summon Imps who will put a heavy on you and try to trap you inside the Chimera’s attacks plus their own Icefall attack. Take Loom to get out of them, or you can Diamondback, but be sure to heal up from the powerful DoTs left by the ice puddles.  Imps can be hit with Death or fire spells — get rid of them as quickly as you can. Then finish off the Chimera. You can Kamikaze him at about 80%.
  22. Here Comes the Boom
    1. There are four Grenades. They’re asleep. Kill them.
    2. The Forefather has a bunch of attacks to dodge. He will summon an Arena Grenade and try to hit it with an attack; kill it before he can. Next he will summon an Arena Gas Bomb and start a KO attack called Burst, which can’t be interrupted or stunned. Knock the Arena Gas Bomb over close to the Forefather with an attack so that his AOE hits the boss and interrupts Burst. (You could also use Sticky Tongue to position the Gas Bomb near the Forefather.) Then finish burning down the Forefather. You can Kamikaze him at about 45%.
  23. Behemoths and Broomsticks
    1. This is a fight where you have to stay fast on your feet and stay healed. Avoid the Charybdis whirlwinds at all cost, and look out because their area of effect is larger than it appears.  Dodge the comets, and when he does Ecliptic Meteor, use Diamondback.  It helps to keep Bad Breath up on him to reduce his basic attack damage. You can Kamikaze him around 40%.
  24. Amazing Technicolor Pit Fiends
    1. These two are vulnerable to Level 5 Death. Move in between them and let them have it. If either survives, use Missile/Tail Screw/Doom/Launcher on them. If you must hit them with normal spells, the Magus is immune to magic and must be hit with Physical type spells, and the Viking is immune to Physical and must be hit with Magic type spells.
    2. The Scribe will use Condensed Libra to put a vulnerability on you, then use Triple Hit to one-shot you.  Either use Exuviate to quickly remove the debuff, or Diamondback to survive. The Scribe will then summon pairs of Magus and Viking adds. They can be killed with Death-type spells, or else use Primal spells on the Viking and Abyssan Transfixion on the Magus.  Exuviate the Heavy on you as well. You can learn the Condensed Libra spell here if you need it and your luck is good.
    3. Epilogi has a front swipe with no telegraph called Page Tear; step behind him to avoid getting hit. Dodge Magic Hammer  or you’ll lose MP. He will use Gale Cut to summon explosive gas clouds then try to knock you into them; position yourself so this doesn’t happen. He will summon Arena Magi in the outer lightning ring that you will have to quickly take down with physical attacks (Abyssal Transfixion works best) or they will self-destruct and kill you. You can learn the Magic Hammer spell here if you need it and your luck is good. You can Kamikaze him around 65%.
  25. Dirty Rotten Azulmagia
    1. Azulmagia puts up Ice Spikes first thing, which means don’t hit him with any physical attacks like Abyssal Transfixion. Stick with magic attacks.  He does the Ram’s Voice/Dragon’s Voice combo with no telegraph, so run out for Ram’s Voice and in for Dragon’s Voice.  Dodge all his other attacks and just steadily wear him down.  I like Sonic Boom for this because the short cast time means you can stay highly mobile to dodge his jumble of ground AOEs.
    2. This time Azulmagia will be immune to magic attacks after he puts up “Repelling Spray”, but you should have time to get an Off-Guard and a set of primal instant attacks on him really quickly at the start. After that, stick with Abyssal Transfixion. He’ll still do Ram’s Voice and Dragon’s Voice, so keep dodging those, and he’ll put up Fire Angon spears that you should also burn down with Abyssal Transfixion (they are immune to magic as well.) Just stay on him and dodge appropriately and he’ll go down pretty fast.
    3. In this act, Azulmagia will alternate between Ice Spikes (use magic not physical) and Repelling Spray (use physical, not magic). Keep an eye on his buff to make sure you know which one you should be using! He will still use Ram’s Voice/Dragon’s Voice, and now he will add in four Charybdis whirlwinds for you to avoid as well. You will want to stay out of the center because Azulmagia will cast “Web” on you, pinning you in place, and then drop a meteor on your head; you will need a safe place to go, and if you are in the center there won’t be one. To avoid getting killed by the meteor, either Loom out of the blast zone, or use Diamondback, then quickly run out of the lava pool that will spawn under you when the Meteor lands. You can Kamikaze him around 70%.
  26. Papa Mia
    1. For this fight you will need to take Eerie Soundwave to debuff both bosses. In Act One, use Eerie Soundwave to remove the boss’s Alternate Plumage defensive debuff and Flying Sardine to interrupt Caber Toss, and otherwise just burn him down.
    2. In this Act, use Eerie Soundwave to remove the “!” buff (Raw Instinct) from Papa Humbaba as quickly as you can, before he uses Body Blow; with that buff up Body Blow will be a one-shot kill.  Aside from that, the main issue in this fight are the lightning clouds that Humbaba summons which follow you around the arena trying to zap you. Stay toward the outside of the arena and move steadily around it while DPSing Humbaba, preferably with Earth spells such as Mountain Buster and Plaincracker. When Humbaba casts Lightning 3, use Exuviate to clean off the DoT and heal the damage. Humbaba puts out a lot of damage in this fight so Healer Stance with Pom Cure is recommended; if you don’t want to do that, take Blood Drain so you can restore the MP you will use healing with White Wind. You can Kamikaze him at 25%.
  27. Lock up your Snorters
    1. This is an annoyingly slow tactical fight. Typhon will summon a group of bombs and one “Magitek Explosive”. The bombs can be moved around but the Explosive can’t. You must burn down the Magitek Explosive quickly (Off-Guard plus Water Cannon spam works best) while ensuring that none of Typhon’s bombs or other attacks touch it, or that will set it off and it will kill you. Diamondback won’t help because when Typhon snorts, he knocks your bubble off (!!) and there isn’t enough time to get it back up before the Explosive detonates.  So, first, knock all the lesser bombs well clear of the Explosive so that when Typhon snorts and sets them off, they don’t touch it.  Then, position yourself at max range from the Explosive and burn it down. You have to stay at a good distance from the Explosive because Typhon is going to launch an AOE at you, and if that hits the Explosive, it will go off. Typhon’s Fireball attack is survivable and you may need to deliberately eat one in order to kill the Explosive before it goes off on its own, so be sure you take some solid healing in with you. As for Typhon himself, he takes only a small amount of damage from your attacks, so the way to kill him is to blow him up with his own bombs. To do this, watch the pattern of the bombs as he spawns them. There are three patterns: One with the Explosive to the outside of the arena (knock the bombs away from it, then kill it), one with the Explosive toward the center (just kill the Explosive and get a few licks in on Typhon) and one without an Explosive at all. This third pattern is what you’re waiting for.  Use Sticky Tongue or Snort to move the bombs underneath Typhon, then get out of the bomb AOE.  The bombs each do about 15% of Typhon’s HP, and you can get one or two bombs off on him each round.  Once you get him down to about 15% HP, you can Kamikaze to finish him off.
  28. Dangerous When Dead
    1. Durinn is a miniature version of Lord Forgall from the Weeping city of Mhach. Make sure to keep yourself at full health to avoid dying to Doom Impending. Use Flying Sardine to interrupt Cackle. Step in the Necrobane puddle to avoid dying to Mega Death, but then get out immediately or the follow-up spell will kill you. He can do Brainstorm which applies the “forced march” effect — set yourself up so that when he casts Bilrost Squall, you will march to the safe spot.  When he spawns adds, burn the first pack down with Fire Angon. The second pack will spawn out in the lightning ring; target them one at a time with Fire Angon and burn them down. The third pack is a bit tricky; they will cast Butterfly Float and then all jump on you from a distance. Use Diamondback right before they jump to avoid getting pounded, then burn them down with Fire Angon. At about 20% HP you can Kamikaze Durinn.
  29. Red, Fraught, and Blue
    1. This two-act fight is considered by most people to be the hardest one of the bunch, considerably harder than #30.  It will undoubtedly take you a certain amount of practice to get this one done, but keep at it!  The first act boss is the Shikigami of the Pyre, simlar to the second boss in Gubal Library (Hard), and weak to wind spells so be sure to take Sonic Boom and Feather Rain, and perhaps Alpine Draft though I prefer to trade the small potency boost for Sonic Boom’s great mobility, which is important in this fight. First, you have to interrupt Fluid Swing with Flying Sardine or he will knock you far into the Lightning Ring and almost certainly kill you. Surecast will stop the knockback, but the attack will still do substantial damage.  Next, he has a straight Rush attack and you need to be as far from him as you can get to minimize the damage from it. He will cast Sea of Flames, which is several of Ifrit’s eruption attacks in a row; dodge those. Then he will cast Ifrit’s Fire Plumes; move to a safe spot. He will cast Pyretic, which will harm you if you move or attack while it is up; hit Z to unsheath your weapon or target yourself to ensure you don’t autoattack him, and stand still, then when the debuff drops off move quickly out of the AOE. He will cast Flare Star, which is an explosion in the center of the arena; stand at the far edge of the arena and it will do minimal damage. Later the boss will summon three fire tornados at three of the cardinal points that will aim straight line attacks at you that you have to dodge; the fourth cardinal point will be relatively safe.  Move there and prepare to dodge the Plumes:  OUT will be safe, then IN, and then he will do his Rush attack, so move to between the two furthest tornadoes to minimize damage. After Rush, the tornadoes will vanish and his pattern will start over. Keep your Song of Torment up and hit him with Sonic Boom and primal spells whenever possible (except Eruption, he’s immune) and he’ll eventually go down.
    2. The boss this time is the Shikigami of the Undertow, AKA Jiggly Butt Pepsi Man from Alexander: The Arm of the Father (A3). He has a lot of different attacks and you must stay on your toes at all times to handle them appropriately. First, he will use Protean Wave, a cone with knockback that he will aim at you, then immediately use a second time behind him. To avoid getting hit by the second attack, circle completely around Jiggly and come back to the front without stopping. Next, he will use Throttle, which you must Exuviate or it will kill you. Then, he will do the “magnet” mechanic; if your charge matches his, get close, and if it’s opposite to his, get far away. Fluid Ball drops a couple AOEs — dodge them. Be sure to interrupt Fluid Swing; it’s the same as in Act One. After you get him to about 70% HP, he will cast Watery Grasp and summon two adds, a small hand and a large hand. Kill the small hand first before he drains all your MP, then burn down the large hand. Be sure to interrupt Fluid Swing or hit Surecast. Use Electrogenesis on the adds so you can do some damage to Jiggly at the same time.  You must get the two adds down before Jiggly casts Big Splash; you need to Diamondback this attack, but if either add is still up you’ll die even if you get yourself bubbled. After this, he summons three waterspouts. Move to the safe spot and dodge their cone attacks while also handling Jiggly’s various attacks. From then on it’s just repeats of early attacks until he goes down. You can Kamikaze him at around 16%. You can learn Protean Wave from him if your luck is good. Note: I actually learned Protean Wave from the waterspouts here, not Jiggly!
  30. The Catch of the Siegfried
    1. Siegfried will start by putting up a buff that makes him immune to magic attacks, but you will have time to Off-Guard him and smack him with a couple Primal spells if you act fast. After he gets the buff up, use Abyssal Transfixion on him until it drops and then go back to your favorite Primal rotation. Depending on how long the fight goes he may put the magic immunity back up again; just swap back to Abyssal Transfixion if he does.  He will use Ankle Graze to try and bind you to the floor and drop an AOE on you; use Exuviation to clear it and get out of danger. He will summon a grid of bombs, but there will be one missing in the back row; get within melee range of him and position yourself so his next Rubber Bullet attack knocks you into the clear spot. Surecast will not stop Rubber Bullet’s knockback. Keep DPSing him and he’ll go down pretty fast.
    2. No buffs this time, but lots of AOEs instead. Law of the Torch is a cone with some safe spots for you to stand. Swiftsteel is a messy AOE with a knockback; stand in melee range and then move to a safe location for the AOEs after the knockback resolves. Surecast will stop the knockback if you have it available. Sparksteel is an AOE around him that also summon’s Ifrit’s lava plumes for some reason, coupled with a very annoying ring of ice grenades. There will be one open spot in the grenade ring; position yourself at the outside edge of the arena in that open spot to avoid getting frozen.
    3. This time Siegfried will start to cheat in earnest. First, his Magic Invulnerability is back, though once again it only lasts 30 secs. The real problem is that he starts summoning clones of himself who can do any of his attacks, so you will have to deal with a two-part combo, one attack coming from the real Siegfried, and one coming from the clone du jour. You will want to burn down each clone as quickly as you can. The first clone is weak to ice attacks (I like to use Ram’s Voice), the second to wind attacks (my choice: Sonic Boom) and the third to fire attacks (use Flamethrower or Bomb Toss NOT FIRE ANGON REPEAT NOT FIRE ANGON.  For some reason the third clone is immune to physical attacks and Fire Angon counts as both physical and fire!) Or, if you’re very good at dodging, you can just wait it out and eventually the clones will disappear on their own! If you can survive the clones then it’s just a repeat of Act Two Siegfried. You can Kamikaze Combo him at around 35%.