FFXIV Dungeon Tournament!

Just for fun, I’ve set up a tournament bracket of all of FFXIV’s four-man dungeons (70 of them!) to go head-to-head to see which one comes out on top!  I’ll put up a new round of voting every few days until we’ve gone through the whole bracket and crowned a champion!

Here is the entire Tournament bracket!

List of Round Voting Polls


Round 1 Commentary

Hey folks! I got a great response to my first poll for the FFXIV Dungeon tournament (over 1200 votes!) so thanks to everyone who participated! The first round results are now up on the tournament board, and you can view a graphic of the votes if you return to the first poll link at https://forms.gle/CdfUePnDKBAc6za99. The biggest trouncing, somewhat to my surprise, was Tam-Tara Hard beating its little brother soundly, 82.6% to 18.4%, in the fourth match. In the third match, Aurum Vale started out ahead of Cutter’s Cry, but eventually went down to the Ant Farm by a little less than a 2-to-1 margin, 62.6% for Cutter’s versus 37.4% for the Vale. I’m a bit surprised Aurum Vale got that much support, honestly. Neverreap, despite its rep as “Neveragain”, solidly defeated the gladiatorial gauntlet of Halatali Hard by 65.3% to 34.7% in match 2. The junior Halatali managed to handily defeat the original copper hell of Copperbell Normal by 66.9% to 33.1%.

Round 2A Commentary

In the leftovers from Round 1, Stone Vigil Hard decisively beat Sastasha Normal – a bit of a surprise to me because I can’t stand that damned turtle fight in SVHard. Copperbell Mines (Hard) beat Toto-Rak, which is not a surprise – but I want to know who the 22% of people are who voted for Total-Suck are, because that dungeon is the literal worst. In the first match of Round 2, Amaurot creamed Halatali normal, no surprise there. The 6% of you who voted for Halatali should just uninstall the game already. In Round 2, Hell’s Lid beat out Sohm Al by about 3:2, which is one of the closer results this week. Holminster Switch switched off Hullbreaker Hard (sorry Mistbeard), 85% to 15%. Mt. Gulg also had xero mercy for the birdmen of Xelphatol, 83% to 18%. It’ll be interesting when the Shadowbringer dungeons start going head to head!

Round 2B Commentary

Several astonishingly close matches this Round. In Match 1, The Burn roasted Pharos Sirius, 77% to 23%. In Match 2, The Great Gubal Library checked out the Sirensong Sea and wrote its swan song, 69% to 31%. In Match 3, Doma Castle doma-nated Brayflox’s Longstop (Hard) by 85% to 15%, in a tie for the most lopsided match in this round. Match 4 was an insanely close fight between Kugane Castle and the Drowned City of Skalla, with Skalla edging out Kugane by a grand total of two votes out of more than nearly four hundred and fifty cast! Match 5 was another lopsided bout, with the Vault vaulting over the top of Neverreap to win 85% to 15%. Match 6 was, somehow, impossibly, even closer than Match 4, with The Aery beating out the Fractal Continuum by exactly one vote. Never let anyone tell you that one vote can’t make a difference! And finally, the Swallow’s Compass broke Hullbreaker Isle by 81% to 19%.

Round 2C Commentary

Okay folks, here are the results of Round 2C of the FFXIV Dungeon Tournament! I let this one go longer this time as the number of responses dropped a fair bit – I’m not sure if that’s due to the unexciting matchups this time or if I just failed to get the word out as well as usual.  Or should I be releasing these more often? If you have an opinion, let me know!  In Match 1, the Lost City of Amdapor (Hard) sent the Sunken Temple of Qarn (Hard) running for its mummy, 83% to 17%. In Match 2, Dohn Mheg cut Cutter’s Cry off at the knees, 95% to 5% in the most lopsided match of this round. Match 3 was an extremely close fight, with Castrum Abania just squeaking out a win over The Wanderer’s Palace, 52% to 48%. I’m kind of surprised at this result as I figured Castrum Abania would run away with it. In Match 4, Sohr Khai snowed under the Dusk Vigil, 82% to 18%. Match 5 was a decisive victory of Amdapor Keep (Hard) over Brayflox’s Longstop, 62% to 38%. Gobbie boom. In Match 6, the Antitower upended Tam-Tara (Hard) by 76% to 25%.  Finally, in Match 7, Sohm Al wrought some Halicarnage on Haukke (Hard), 59% to 41%.

Round 2D Commentary

Hey folks! Here are the results of Round 2D of the FFXIV Dungeon Tournament! Sorry for the delay, real life got unexpectedly busy this last week.  We’re moving into Round 3 so I’ll try to get future polls coming every other day or so if I can.  In Round 2D, Akadaemia Anyder schooled Pharos Sirius Hard, 84% to 16%, Qitana Ravel sank the Sunken Temple of Qarn, 91% to 9%,  Shisui of the Violet Tides swept away Amdapor Keep 73% to 27%, Malikah’s Well dunked Ala Mhigo 61% to 39%, Haukke Manor stoned the Stone Vigil 78% to 22%, and in the only really close match this week, The Temple of the Fist barely kept away the Keeper of the Lake, 50.5% to 49.5%.  Come on people, Midgardsormr can clearly take Ivon Couerlfist in a head-to-head – this is just wrong.

Round 2E Commentary

Hey folks! Here are the results of Round 2E of the FFXIV Dungeon Tournament! This is the last set of matches for round 2.  Several close matches this time. The Fractal Continuum Hard pruned St. Mocianne’s Arboretum, 57% to 43%. The Lost City of Amdapor Hard rejected the Aetherochemical Research Facility as insignificant, 55% to 45% — probably because the ARF doesn’t drop loot, Allagan cheapskates. The Tonberries of Wanderer’s Palace Hard cracked the Kraken in Sastasha Hard by 73% to 27%. The biggest shutdown of this round was the Great Gubal Library Hard over Copperbell Mines Hard, 95% to 5%. NO ONE LIKES YOU BIGGY.  Bardam’s Mettle eked out a sloppy win over Baelsar’s Wall, 55% to 46%.  Snowcloak handily iced the Dzemael Darkhold, 75% to 25%, and the Ghimlyt Dark easily composted the animated poop emoji of St. Mocianne’s Arboretum Hard, 72% to 28%.  (Did you know? A Ghimlyt Dark is half gin, half lime juice, and a splash of Chambord liqueur.)

Moving on at last to ROUND 3!  The field is narrowing!

Round 3A Commentary

Hey folks! Here are the results for the first half of Round Three of the FFXIV Dungeon Tournament!  Amaurot slammed the lid on Genbu and gave him shell shock, 90% to 10%; Mt. Gulg switched off Holminster Switch surprisingly hard, 74% to 26%; The Burn boiled the Sirensong Sea alive, 71% to 29%; Doma Castle managed to skallp the Drowned City rather narrowly, 58% to 42%. The Vault purged the Aery’s sickness, 71% to 29%; the Swallow’s Compass didn’t monkey around, defeating the Lost City (Hard) 59% to 41%;  Dohn Mheg pranked Castrum Abania, 81% to 19%, and finally Sohr Khai deplatformed Amdapor Keep Hard, 78% to 22%.

Round 3B Commentary

Hey folks! Here are the results for the second half of Round Three of the FFXIV Dungeon Tournament!

In Match 1, the Antitower turned Sohm Al inside-out and upside-down, 78% to 22%. In Match 2, Akadaemia Anyder flunked the Qitana Ravel, 67% to 33%. In Match 3, Shisui of the Violet Tides rolled over Malikah’s Well, 68% to 32%. In Match 4, the judges narrowly awarded the fight to the Temple of the Fist, 52% to Haukke Manor’s 48%. In Match 5, the Twinning fractured the Fractal Continuum (Hard) by 88% to 12%, the biggest defeat of this set.  In Match 6, The Lost City of Amdapor sent the Wanderer’s Palace (Hard) on a long trip to Loserville, 58% to 42%.  Match 7 was another super-close fight, with the Great Gubal Library (Hard) narrowly forcing Bardam’s Mettle to check out, 52% to 48%. In Match 8, the Ghimylt Dark called light’s out for Snowcloak, 71% to 29%.

Round 4 Commentary

Hey folks! Here are the results of Round 4 of the FFXIV Dungeon Tournament!  Amaurot leveled Mt. Gulg, 70% to 30%; The Burn just barely singed Doma Castle’s whiskers, 51% to 49%; The Vault locked up the Swallow’s Compass, 61% to 39%; Dohn Mheg kicked the “h” out of Sohr Khai, 60% to 40%; Akadaemia Anyder  denied tenure to The Antitower, 60% to 40%; Shisui of the Violet Tides swamped the Temple of the Fist, 70% to 30%; The Twinning doubled down on the Lost City of Amdapor, 77% to 23%; and the Ghimlyt Dark turned the lights out on the Great Gubal Library (Hard), 60% to 40%.

Round 5 Commentary

Hey folks! Here are the results of Round 5 of the FFXIV Dungeon Tournament!  Amaurot torched the Burn, 78% to 22%; The Vault leapfrogged over Dohn Mheg, 69% to 31%; Akadaemia Anyder put Shishui of the Violet Tides in detention, 62% to 38%; and The Twinning overshadowed the Ghimlyt Dark, 68% to 32%.

 Semifinals Commentary

In the first match, the seemingly unstoppable Amaurot defeated the last non-Shadowbringers dungeon, The Vault, by 67% to 33%. In the second match, The Twinning rescinded Akadaemia Anyder’s offer of admittance, 75% to 25.4%.

That means our CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH is a SHADOWBRINGERS SHOWDOWN between AMAUROT and THE TWINNING!   And our bronze match (third place) will be The Vault against Akadamia Anyder!

Championship Match!

Apologies for the long wait for this guys, real life got insane and I kind of forgot we hadn’t finished!


A bit to my surprise —   THE TWINNING!  By a very narrow margin, 51% to 49%

I thought for sure Amaurot had this one in the bag, but instead the City of the Ancients takes second place to Biggs, Wedge, and Alexander Jr.!

Third place goes to The Vault from Heavensward, a great showing for content from two expansions back!  SICKNESS MUST BE PURGED! Charizard – er, Charibert – defeated Akadaemia Anyder by 59% to 41%.

Thanks to everyone who participated!  I may at some point do a more open-form “rate the dungeons” poll but not until after the Holidays and life calms down some.

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