Free FC Room for Astral Heroes

Hey folks, for those who weren’t able to attend the party yesterday, I want to make everyone aware that we’ve decided to offer a new membership reward to members who have achieved Astral Hero rank (six months active in the FC): a free FC room! If you’ve reached this rank and don’t have a room yet, see me or another officer and we’ll get you set up with the 300k gil you need to get a room of your own. (And yes, Sai, if you already bought a room, we’ll give you the 300k cash, if you want it.)
Note that to get an FC room you need to have met the game’s requirements, which I believe are level 50 and a certain rank in your Grand Company. Make sure you have this done before you try to get a room!
For people who aren’t aware, our member ranks are based on active time in the FC. Starting rank is Ember Page; one month active is Spark Knight; three months active is Flare Warrior, six months active is Astral Hero, and a full year active is Eternal Flame.
Dora's messy room.PNG

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