Changes to Officer Ranks

Hey folks, in the interest of efficiency we’re going to rearrange the officer ranks a bit. In the past the officer ranks have been largely based on seniority, but since the amount of time people have to devote to the game can vary drastically thanks to Real Life butting in, seniority turns out not to be the best way to assign officer ranks. So I will be rearranging things tonight in the following way:

Sun Warden: This rank now goes to officers who are primarily helping with housing and FC administration tasks.

Flame Guardian: This rank is now for officers who are primarily running events.

Stellar Sentry: This rank is now for officers who handle general tasks like keeping the buffs going and helping out with in-game info.

Gleam Scout: New rank for officers on limited duty. This includes officers on trial period and officers who are busy running Real Life Extreme or Savage.

Firebrand: Our trusty not-quite-officer helpers.

As part of this rearrangement Skylar Paige is moving up from Firebrand to full officer, so welcome Skylar!!!



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