Buff Poll up on FB. Go vote if you care!

Hey folks, I’ve put a poll up on FB you should check out. Here’s the text that goes with it. If you can’t vote on FB you can let one of the officers know your preference for the buffs in-game!

As I announced a week or so ago, we have obtained a fourth Flame house, thanks to Boss Clock. We’ve been considering how best to make use of this new resource and one possibility that has come up is that we have access to enough Aetherial Wheel Charging Stands now that we could, theoretically, produce enough level 3 buffs to run the 15% Battle XP buff 24/7. (It’ll mean a lot of shuffling alts back and forth but that’s the officers’ problem.) In order to do this we’d have to dedicate all four aetherial stands to producing the level 3 battle buffs, which means we would not be able to have level 3 craft and gather buffs on weekends any more as we have been. (We have a few weeks’ worth of primed level 3 gather/craft buffs we can use up, but after that there would be no more.) So here’s a poll: Do people want us to try to do 15% battle XP buffs 24/7, or do something different like make more gather/craft 3 buffs, or do something REALLY different? (Level 3 chocobo XP buffs???)
For those who aren’t familiar with the level 3 buff system, here’s a quick rundown. We can buy level 1 and 2 buffs freely from our allied GC, but the level 3 buffs have to be “charged up” on aetherial stands, a housing item. You can only have one stand per house, and each buff takes three days to charge (70 hours to be exact.) So one stand can make 2 1/3 wheels per week. In theory that means we could now make 9 1/3 wheels a week with four houses (4 x 2 1/3) but that would only happen if someone (namely, me or Fae) was able to instantly change every wheel out when it was done charging, and that is not a thing that’s going to happen, sorry! Most likely we’ll be able to produce around 8 wheels a week, meaning we could put that “extra” wheel to work storing up some gather/craft 3 buffs to burn off on special gather/craft weekends (announced in advance), or we could use it for something different (MGP buff???)
So, what will it be, Battle XP 24/7, or instead expand gather/craft 3 buffs to 2x a week, or do something completely different??

Vote hands.jpg

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