Submersible Crafting

Since some folks have expressed interest in helping to put our new FC submersibles together, I built the schematics and took the following screenshots of the parts we’re going to need. Like most workshop crafting the pile of mats required is pretty large, so we’d be very happy to have folks help us put this stuff together for the build. Once we have it all together we can have a build party and get it all crafted and launch the sub! There’s no real hurry on this but since the pile of mats is large I wanted to put up this list so folks can think about what they might want to contribute. Note that some of the stuff we need, like the steel ingots, is available from an NPC vendor (the Amaljaa one in this case) so before you plan to make a large pile of something, it would be good to check on Garlandtools to see if it can be easily gotten from an NPC instead.

Shark Sub Bow 1Shark Sub Bow 2Shark Sub Bow 3Shark Sub Bridge 1Shark Sub Bridge 2Shark Sub Bridge 3Shark Sub Hull 1Shark Sub Hull 2Shark Sub Hull 3Shark Sub Stern 1Shark Sub Stern 2Shark Sub Stern 3

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