The Fourth Flame

Hey folks! As most of you know, in addition to our main house in the Lavender Beds (Ward 6, plot 41), our FC is also fortunate enough to have the use of two other houses under the control of two “sister” FCs, Flame in the Mist (medium, Mist, Ward 12, plot 60, Chocobo) and Flame in the Desert (small, Goblet, Ward 7, plot 39, Paissa). We use these houses in order to have more level 3 buffs per week, more airships, and more garden plots for use in the main FC. This weekend we were happy to add a large house in the Goblet at Ward 3, Plot 30, which has been christened the “Fourth Flame” house.

This house came to us via Boss Clock, a former member and officer of the Flames, who passed over ownership of the house and the FC associated with it (formerly “NHK!”) to us when he rejoined the Astral Flames this weekend. Those of you aware of the history of the Astral Flames may know that we began as a splinter FC off of NHK!, so with this change we have now come full circle and absorbed the FC that gave birth to us, an unexpected but not unwelcome development.

Most of the members of NHK’s current roster are long inactive at this point, but they do have a few people who may return at some point; we hope that if they do they will join us in Astral Flames. (We have not kicked them out of the house for the time being, just adjusted their permissions to prevent vandalism.)

The officer corps will be having some discussions over the next week or so about how best to make use of the new resources this house brings to the FC, especially the prospect of running another Aetherial Stand and producing more level 3 buffs for the FC to enjoy, but of course we will also be enjoying the new patch material in 4.2 so give us some time to sort things out on this front!

We will NOT, repeat NOT, be moving the main FC house to this new house. While the extra space would be nice, we love our lakefront vista in the Beds and don’t care to trade it for a mountaintop view.

We also do NOT expect that our current multi-house setup will be affected by the housing changes in 4.2, but if we are wrong about this we will keep people posted as we adjust to any problems that might come up. The main FC should not notice any disruptions from either the new house acquisition or the game housing changes.

If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to ask them here. Also feel free to run over and check out the new house if you like, although Fae hasn’t had a chance to redecorate yet. (We are eagerly anticipating seeing what she will come up with given all that space to play around in!)

load bearing gingerbread house.jpg

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