Poll on changing house exterior up on Facebook page! Go vote if you care!

We were not, unfortunately, able to land a large in Shirogane, so for the moment we are staying in our Beds Medium, which as a consolation prize is now the best plot in the Beds since we have a huge lake to swim in right at our front door!

We also now have the option of changing the house exterior to the Shirogane Castle design, if folks want to be trendy. I’ve put up a poll on our Facebook page to gauge FC interest in making a change away from our Moogle exterior. If you have an interest, please go and vote!

Here’s the real-life model for the game exterior. This is Osaka Castle.

Osaka Castle

And here’s what the medium looks like in game.  I believe it’s dyeable so we won’t be stuck with red.

Shirogane Castle

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