Shirogane Housing Raid!

Okay folks, according the live letter we now have a confirmed date of Oct. 10 for Shirogane Housing going live! We are hoping to use this opportunity to move our FC to a MANSION, in order to be able to have three gardens, all eight crafting benches, and more yard and house space for decorating. With housing being in such high demand on Gilgamesh, however, this is going to take some coordination in order for us to have some hope of success. I am going to need a raid team of four people (three plus myself) for this effort, and I am calling for volunteers.

Volunteers will need to commit to being ready to log on the instant the servers come up after the patch and race to our chosen plot in various wards in order to try and buy us a mansion. There will only be 72 new larges available in Shirogane, total. Volunteers will each be entrusted with enough FC funds to buy our preferred plot and given rank permission to do so. I believe that volunteers also need to be at least level 50 and rank second lieutenant in their GC to be able to buy housing.

Our preferred plots are the 45 million gil spots located at plot #30 (main ward) and plot #60 (Subdivision), right by the Shirakumo Hot Springs. There will be 24 of these available total between the twelve wards. The limiting factor to how many spots we can make a run for is funding; we have enough FC funds in our coffers to supply three raid members, and I have enough of my own to supply a fourth (and perhaps a fifth but I need to check; it’ll be tight.) If any well-heeled FC members want to chip in to the pot to help supply more runners and increase our chances, you will of course be reimbursed from FC funds after we land our plot, so let me know!

If we aren’t able to land a large in Shirogane, we will look for a vacated large in the Beds or possible Mist to move to, but there’s no guarantee the owners of those plots will want to move to Shiro, so they may not be available.

Also, we would like to keep our current Beds location “in the family,” so to speak, so we could use another runner to temporarily trasfer to our Goblet sister FC and pick up our current house for the Goblet FC to move into. Let me know if you might be willing to help out in this capacity as well! If we can’t get a volunteer for this I will have to swap over an alt to use for this purpose, and will be delayed because I’ll be trying to land the large house, so we might lose the Beds house to someone due to the delay, and I would like to avoid that.

Shirogane large plots subdivisionShirogane large plots

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