Goblet Fleet Build complete!

Our new Goblet Fleet is done and the ships are on their way to find treasure for us! (If the mammets don’t malfunction.) Many thanks to everyone who pitched in!

If anyone is curious about the build, these four ships are all “2BVE” models, which is Invincible II hull, Bronco Sail, Viltgance Forecastle, and Enterprise aftcastle. That means they’re really slow, but have good range and excellent ability to sniff out treasure (that’s what the forecastle does) and a moderate-sized cargo hold. We have limited “points” to construct airships with, and the better components eat up a ton of points, so we’ve experimented a lot (this is our third fleet build) and discovered that having a top-quality forecastle is the most important thing for designing a treasure hunting ship. Thus, these four ships are all slow but have long ranges and excellent surveillance. I’m expecting that there will be new rare treasures for airships introduced in Stormblood, so we should be well-positioned to cash in!
Goblet Ship 1Goblet Ship 2

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