To Move, or not to Move, that is the question.

Hey folks, we’ve been fielding a lot of questions recently from FC members about whether we will relocate the main FC house to the new Stormblood housing region when it is available.

The answer is a firm “Maybe.”

To save having to go over the details in FC Chat over and over again I’m going to explain here (and on Discord and Facebook) what the situation with the housing is.

Right now, moving the main FC house would be theoretically possible but would cause enormous headaches, and more than a little expense. However, there is word that a new “FC moving” option may be introduced for Stormblood that will eliminate most or all of the problems that currently exist, and if that turns out to be true, then we will definitely be looking into acquiring a large house in the new area for the Flames. Keep in mind, though, that housing on Gilgamesh is in SERIOUSLY low supply and high demand, so we may or may not be able to acquire a large plot (well, not without paying a fortune in gil to someone to relinquish one…) If we can’t get a large house in the new area we may also look into acquiring a large house in the Beds or in Mist, if any of those become easier to come by when the new area opens.

So, what are the problems involved in moving an FC to a new house that the game will have to address? Let me explain. (see part 2)



First, we can’t buy a new house right now without first relinquishing our old one. This means we’d have two options, neither of them great:

1) Clear out the FC house and be houseless until we can buy a new one. Yes, we could set up the purchase in advance to minimize the time houseless, but if the seller stiffed us we’d be without a house, and Square would NOT help us recover our losses. This seems really risky.

2) Start a new FC (as we did for the Mist and Goblet houses), level it to Rank 6, buy the new house, then get everyone to leave Old Flames and join New Flames. That way we’d keep our old Beds house and just add a new one, which would then become the main one.

Option (1) would cause us to lose all our investments in private rooms and our workshop with all four ships max leveled, and all the prototype recipes opened up. That would be a huge hit as it would take probably 3-4 months to level up the new fleet in the new house and cost millions of gil.

Option (2) would preserve the private rooms and the airship fleet for FC use back in the Beds, but if people wanted private rooms in the new house, they would have to repurchase those. But the bigger issue is that everyone who is currently inactive for whatever reason would be left behind in the old FC, as they wouldn’t be able to move to the new FC roster until they came back to the game (for those who do so.) This would undoubtedly cause us to lose a number of players from our roster through no fault of their own.

So as you can see, there are some very good reasons to NOT move our main FC house using the current options, because the current options suck. IF Square provides us with a good moving option, such that we can retain our private rooms, our airships fleet, and our full roster, then we would definitely like to move to a larger FC house, although we are hoping the allowed housing items list expands in size with Stormblood too (another rumor we’ve heard) as the current list size is nowhere near large enough to do a good job decorating a large FC mansion, which is why if you visit some mansions you’ll probably notice that they all look kind of empty and unlived-in.

I hope this answers everyone’s questions about the topic!

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