Introducing: Firebrands!

Some folks may have noticed we added a new rank to the officer section yesterday. We’re experimenting with a rank called “Firebrand”, which is intended to be a sort of “Officer Lite” position, or general FC helper. Firebrands have permission to do basic stuff around the FC like harvesting crops, putting up buffs, and getting choco fruit from the chest, but they won’t be doing any heavy duty stuff like kicking people.

Our Firebrands are experienced players and veteran FC members without the time (or perhaps the interest) to do the full duties of officers, but who still have the ability and willingness to help out the FC here and there. They also have access to online and offline communication channels to reach the officers if something needs fixing. Please use our Firebrands as resources to help keep the FC running in its usual smooth fashion! Just remember that they don’t have the powers or responsibilities of officers, so don’t be too hard on them!



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