Unsynced Coil of Bahamut Runs!

Folks, we’ve had some requests recently to set up an FC run to take people through the Coil of Bahamut 24-man raid from “A Realm Reborn”, unsynced.  We’re going to try and set a few of these up, so I’ve put up a poll on the FB group page to find out when might be a good day and time. Check that out if you’re interested in going or in helping other FC members get through!

It takes about 3-4 hours to get through all of the Coil’s 13 stages, from start to finish — most of that time being spent on watching cut scenes and waiting for people to do the quests to open up the various stages.  Ideally we’d like to go all the way through for folks in one session just because it’s much easier to organize that way, but people are welcome to try and do different parts on different days, if they want — I just can’t guarantee there will be a spot at the stage you want on the day you want.

To participate you should be at least level 50. You will die a lot at level 50 but you can be carried.  Higher levels are suggested if you want to remain alive through the Coil, as we are going to be ignoring most mechanics and just bulling our way through.  Please have the minimum item level needed (123) and have the quest for the first stage opened:

Players can unlock The Binding Coil of Bahamut after reaching level 50 and completing Ifrit (Hard), Garuda (Hard) and Titan (Hard). Afterwards players can talk to Urianger (x6,y4) in The Waking Sands to start the quest titled Primal Awakening and unlock the dungeon.

Pics from the Unsync Coil runs we did last August:



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