Party Wrap Up and New Officer Announcement!

Thanks to all who came to the meeting and party! For those who weren’t able to make it, we announced that we have added Boss Clock and Faelily Riversong/Hudson Hawke to the officer crew. Fae will be continuing to help out with all our great housing decor and Boss will be managing our Beds airship fleet and helping out with crafting. Welcome aboard guys!

Big giveaway winners included Florimond, Prismatic, and Asami, who each won a Warring Triad barding for their birds; Ruu, Egwene, and Prismatic who won Zu mounts; Paper, Kurama, and Can’dia who won FC rooms; and Egwene, Candia, and Maldred who won custom glamour weapons! (Be sure to send me your orders once you figure out what you want, you three.)

For those unable to make this meeting, there will be a smaller consolation giveaway on Sunday 2/5 at 3 pm EST. Show up if you aren’t at a Superb Owl party and win some gifts!

Thanks again to all who attended and all who helped out and we hope you enjoyed yourselves!

blue and red fire.jpg

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