Small change in Company Chest policy

Hey folks — just a quick update on our Company Chest policy. We’ve been keeping a lot of level 3 and 4 materia in the open tab, but a few days back a new member, Master Ip, helped himself to ALL of the materia, did not respond to any requests to give them back, left the FC and changed his character name (to Magnus Stahl.)

At this point we’ve given up on getting them back, but we are going to make a minor change to the open tab policy. We will continue to keep the 3s there as they are not worth very much, but we will only keep a few 4s in the open tab, and keep the rest in the restricted second tab. If the open tab is out of some materia you want and you see that we have some of it in the second tab, ask an officer to get some out for you! Please only take a few at a time though.

We also have some crafting and gathering materia stored in the chest. Those are also available to members in limited amounts if you are looking to do endgame overmelds.


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