Wondrous Tails 3-line combos

I noticed some folks have questions about how to get the best rewards from the Wondrous Tails journal entries, so I put together a graphic showing you the ways to get three lines with nine stickers.

The stickers are put in RANDOMLY, so this is very much luck-based, but you have the option of using up two second-chance points to shuffle your stickers when you have between 3 and 7 stickers. For the best chance at three lines, you should examine your stickers every time you add one after the third and see if any of the following patterns are possible for you. If they aren’t possible, shuffle until you get a better set, or you run out of second chance points. If you are on a PC or have a phone, you can automate this by using the app at http://ashtender.com/ffxiv/tails to find out how good your current sticker arrangement is.

Wondrous Tails Win.png


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