New Pigeons & Ponies Linkshell Formed

Hi folks!

To better organize our Friday Night and Saturday Afternoon mount farms (Pigeons & Ponies) I’ve created a Linkshell for all FC members who are interested.  If you would like to join, just ask in FC chat as I’ve made all members Leaders with invite privileges. You may also invite non-FC friends to join the shell, as long as they are friendly types; we don’t want anyone in the runs who is of the “ragequit after one wipe” or “scream at the newbie” mindset; we’d like folks who are new to mount farming to be able to join in without fear of getting stomped on.

The shell will be for organizing and running our FC-centered mount farms, but members of the shell are of course welcome to use the shell to try and organize impromptu farms at any time.


Purple Lanner.jpg

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