Sightseeing Log Guide

FC member Kehf Guppies found a useful site to help with completing the sightseeing log, a feature many people tend to overlook. Sightseeing can be annoying, as the exact emote and weather condition needed is never clear. This site demystifies the process by telling you where the vista is, what weather is needed, and what emote you need. It also tells you when the soonest timed vista will be available, allowing you to skip the process of checking the weather yourself.

Site link:

You can check a vista once you’ve done it, which will stay even if you close the tab. This allows you to easily see which vistas you still need.

Sightseeing logs are an easy alternative way to make exp on classes you’re trying to level, and the reward at the very end is this cute little guy: the Fledgling Akpallu.


Happy sightseeing, Flames!


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