Our first Coil run was a huge success! We got through all 13 turns, which took us just under 5 hours (3pm to 8pm) including about a hour or so of pure cut-scene watching for the new folks.

Below is our first group of Witnesses, minus Ulqiorra Cyfer and Austin Fitzwater, who both cleared with us but were offline or AFK when we tried to get them to come pose for the group photo. Also pictured is poor Sanako who went through T9 with us, then gave up her group slot to Austin, but failed to mention that she didn’t have a clear herself — we thank her for her sacrifice but still think she should have SAID something, dammit. Also pictured is LS pal Tael Aeril, who came along for kicks despite already being clear, and gave us helpful tips on T12 and 13 which yours truly knew almost nothing about.
We’ll be doing this again next week if you missed it this week, hopefully with as much or more success, so show up if you want in, 3pm EST at the FC House, Sunday 9/11!
First Coil Run groupFirst Coil Run Titles
And Giedi even got a video recording of our T13 clear.

2 thoughts on “WITNESS!

  1. Tip for T13.

    During Divebombs, just find Bahamut and run straight at him.

    The only scary part about divebombs when doing unsynced is getting hit into the walls and instantly dying.

    If you run straight at Bahamut, you’ll take the divebomb damage, but at level 60, it’s not signficant and you can just heal through it.


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