Materials List for Anima Relic 200 -> 210 Step

In Patch 3.38 Square nerfed the 200 -> 210 Anima Relic step a lot, which seems to have resulted in renewed interest in getting one of these going. I’ve put together a materials list of what’s needed to do the crafting part of this step. As in the past, I’m willing to craft the items for folks if they provide the mats listed below and give me a day or two to get the crafts done. They’re much easier now that they don’t need to be HQ items, but it’s still a pile of crafting.

The items listed in orange I don’t usually ask people to provide, but if you go to an outside contractor instead of Seagard’s Superior Sundries, you might need to provide these as well.

If anyone spots any wrong info in this list, please let me know so I can correct it.

Happy Relic!

Relic craft list.png

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