Sticky: PVP poll: For Grand Company Bragging Rights!


Hi guys,

I’m making a poll for a possible pvp event, where we’ll have 24 members of our FC (8 per GC and yes, ideally this would be FC members only) battle it out on a Frontline map (Shatter if all 60s, Slaughter if some 50s) for bragging rights (because Maelstrom #1). This poll is to see if there is enough interest in organizing something like this.

Requirements for Frontline: min. 1 lvl 50 battle class, requires completion of GC storyline (i.e access to Wolves’ Den Pier)

*While it is pvp and may end up being competitive, this is purely for fun and bragging rights. No experience required, no hurt feelings please.


Help spread the word and feel free to engage in (FRIENDLY) trash talk to raise up the hype!


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