Sticky: Free Company Notices and Announcements!

This is our FC Notices and Announcements Board. If you have something you want posted here, either leave a comment below or drop an email to myself or the Astral Flames Officers’ List.

Marv has created a Discord Server for us! It is at:


Teamspeak Changes

We’ve recently changed over our Teamspeak servers.  The password remains the same (see the in-game FC Notice Board for that)  but our main TS is now found at:

If this redirect isn’t working for you, the full server address is:

Please contact Leonida Felis if there are any issues with the server. If she’s not reachable, please use the backup teamspeak at:


We have added a “No RMT”  rule to the official FC rules list.  RMT, or Real Money Trading, is engaging in the buying and selling of game currency for real world money.  If we catch you doing RMT, you’ll be kicked from the FC and reported to Square.

A reminder:  We do not allow player harassment in our FC, either of other FC members or of other players in general.  By “harassment” we mean making repeated unwanted contact with other players after you’ve been asked to stop. Unwanted contact can include sending repeated tells, emoting at players when they’ve indicated they don’t like it,  obnoxious verbal sniping in Teamspeak, or hassling players in FC, party, alliance chat, say, or shout.  All these things are violations of our One Big Rule: DON’T BE A DICK.  If someone wants you to leave them alone, respect that!

Our current FC Buff schedule is here.  We try to run Battle XP +15% on Fridays and Saturdays; +20% Gathering buff also on Saturdays; and +20% Crafting buff on Sunday. If you notice that the wrong buff is up, please speak to an officer!

New crafters may have noticed that we have crafting benches for only six of the eight crafter classes. This is due to a game rule that limits us to six crafting benches in a medium-sized house, meaning we have had to leave out Culinarian and Weaver.  However, since private houses can have two crafting benches, we are working on installing these into the private homes of some of the officers. If you need these benches, you will be able to ask an officer to make you a temporary tenant of their home so you can use them.  This announcement will be updated once the benches are in place.

Also, you are able to install two crafting benches in your own private FC room. If you have a room and would prefer to have a bench or two of your own, speak to one of the FC crafters about making them for you, as the materials are not very expensive. Unfortunately the game currently doesn’t allow players to interact with furniture in the private rooms of other players so these benches would be for your use only.

Members of rank Spark Knight (30 day veteran) and above have authorization to take the Highwind to the Diadem for gathering missions or just to look around.  If you would like to do this but don’t know how, ask an officer to show you, it’s pretty easy. You need a group of two players (minimum) to go to the Diadem, with a level 60 battle class geared at ilevel 179 or above. If you want to gather in the Diadem, you need a gatherer level of 58 (that is, high enough to see level 60 nodes or fish level 60 areas.

The northern garden plot is available for players who want to experiment with gardening! You can now use Flower Pots in your private room to do basic gardening of vegetables and flowers, but you can’t do advanced seed crossing in pots. If you want to try this, or just need more space to grow your crops, you can use any open spot in this bed.  Note that only officers can harvest the beds (to prevent theft) so you should let an officer know which things are yours. If you don’t harvest them promptly we can store them in the company chest for you to pick up.

We have supplies in the Company Chest for tending to your faithful bird companion!  If you would like some Krakka root for training, chocobo fruit for coloring, or a Thavnairian Onion for leveling your pal, speak to an officer and we’ll try to help you out!  We just ask that you be reasonable in your requests as supplies are not unlimited. That is, please don’t ask to change your bird’s color three times a week, thanks!


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