Mist House Update!

Greetings from the Mist House! Here’s an update on what’s been going on down on the beach.

Life’s a beach, and then you rez.

We’ve gotten the gardens up and producing, and we got our first airship set up and sent it out to start exploring!  As it finds more sectors, we’ll open up the ability to have more airships, and we’ll be able to upgrade each of them as they level. Keep an eye on the FC Chat — we’ll be constructing the ship components in the Lavender Beds and sending them to Mist by courier, so we’ll probably be calling for crafters to help with construction on a pretty regular basis.

And ….

The Mist Aether Wheel Experiment was a success!!!  

cheering minions.gif

This means that we are able to have four level three buffs for the FC each week instead of the former two, as long as we can keep up our supply of blank wheels to charge.  Since the response to the last set of polls on this topic was lacking, the officers have been discussing how to set up the extra buffs and have come up with the tentative plan of having extra battle XP on Fridays, extra battle and gathering XP on Saturdays, and extra crafting XP on Sundays.  In other words, we’re sticking with the Gathering Saturday/Crafting Sunday schedule that was already in place and adding the additional XP buff on Fridays and Saturdays, when we think members will get the most benefit from them.   We’ll start this pattern next week as we don’t have enough battle XP wheels charged to do it this week, though I may put one up on Saturday.

Speaking of blank wheels, since we’re going to be doubling our production, I wanted to put out a list of materials we use for these. If anyone would like to contribute to the FC, this is the stuff we need for the wheels.

Level 3 aetherial wheel for battle, crafting, and gather buffs:

  • Astral moraine (Mining folklore gather)
  • Seventh Heaven (Botanist folklore gather)
  • Bear Fat
  • Duskborne Aethersand
  • Deep-red Cluster (only from airships)
  • Unaspected crystal
  • Mythrite Sand
  • Electrum Ingot

If you care to donate any of this, get it to an officer (mogmail or just hand over) or put it in the open third tab in the chest.  As usual, this is not required in any way; the buffs will continue regardless.  

And feel free to drop by our Mist House (Ward 12, Plot 60) and look around! If you have an alt and you’d like to play around a bit with the decor in the Mist house, let us know and you can drop your alt into Flame in the Mist at any time.

Where are the hot dogs and S’mores?? 


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