Level 3 Buff Polls: VOTE!!!

Talking to people in game over the last couple of days, I discovered that some folks don’t understand what’s up with the proposed changes to the Level 3 buffs in the FC.  Here’s some clarification, followed by a couple of new questions for you all.

The most important point:  We can only have two level III buffs per week — not because we’re not allowed by the game but because we can only produce one every three days on the aetherial stand in the basement. (No, there is no stand with two level III wheels slots, yet. No, we cannot have two stands in the house. No, we cannot put stands in rooms or private houses.) It would technically be possible to have double level 3 buffs every day of the week IF we could produce them fast enough, but we can’t.  We get two a week, period (well, technically we get two plus a little extra, but that just gives us an extra charged wheel something like every four to six weeks.)  We could burn both off in one day if we wanted, but it makes more sense to spread them out over two days so more people can take advantage of them.

Until patch 3.3 we were running  the level 3 gathering buff on Saturday and the level 3 crafting buff on Sunday. Now we have the option of replacing either or both of those with the level 3 battle buff for +15% battle XP.  This is not in addition to the gathering and crafting buffs — it’s a replacement.  (But see the next poll for more on that.)   With that in mind, please pick your favorite option in the poll below!


Now as it turns out, there may be a loophole of sorts in the problem of being able to produce only two level 3 buffs per week.  Marvolose made a suggestion that perhaps we could charge up more level 3 buffs in our Mist house and bring them over to the main FC for use, which would potentially increase the number of level 3 buffs we have available to four per week.  We are currently running an experiment to see if this might be feasible. We’ll have the results later this week and will let folks know; it’s currently looking promising but we aren’t going to count our level 3 buffs until they’ve hatched.

IF we are able to produce two extra level 3 buffs per week, what would you like to see us do with them?  If you don’t like any of the proposed combinations, feel free to add your own suggestion.

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