Options for Upgrading Anima Relics from 230-240, With a Few Notes

Those who have been working on their Anima Relics may have started on the new step to upgrade them item level 240, and discovered there are lots of options for this step.  For each “fostering” step, you need to collect one Umbrite ore (300 Esoterics each)  and one Crystal Sand. The Crystal Sand can be purchased in a large number of ways, so I’ve collected the options here with some preliminary notes about the feasibility of each method, based on my experience. I will update this as I learn more; if you have more information on any of these steps, please feel free to comment and I will include your info!

Anima Foster 1 crop

If you’re a crafter, have lots of mats, and have nothing else to do with your blue crafting scrips (hah!) this is not a terrible option. It’s not a great one either though.


Anima Foster 2 crop

Blue gathering scrips? Hell no. I haven’t finished my lore books yet. (If you’re completely on top of all your gathering items, this might be an okay option.)

Anima Foster 3 crop

This option uses items brought back from Airship Ventures.  Not an option for most players.


Anima Foster 4 crop

This is probably one of the best options for farming Crystal Sands if you have a lot of leve allowances.  You can get these by doing Ishgard leves – single or Temple, but I strongly recommend single! — as they drop from chests that have a chance to spawn in the Heavensward leves. You do NOT have to finish the leve to open the chests, which is the great part.  You can pick up a leve, start it, and look for a chest. If there’s a chest, scoot over to it (ideally on a flying mount), open it while avoiding the mobs, grab the loot if it’s there, then abandon the leve and start again.  You’ll burn through a lot of leves this way, but remember that they regenerate over time.  I did this to farm this item for two Orchestrion Scrolls and I got the fifteen I needed in about an hour and half, and used up about 50 leves, I think.  The drop rate for the vilekin is approximately one per every three to five leves.

Anima Foster 5 crop

A consolation prize for folks who spiritbond for level IV materia and lose.  I don’t think these are available as Beast Tribe quest rewards either. Not really recommended unless you happen to have a lot of them lying around.

Anima Foster 6 crop

Same as the last option.


Anima Foster 7 crop

This could be a fine option if you have desynthesis, or are in the process of leveling it.  The  level 1 and level 2 Demis are a lot easier to come by than the level 3 Demis, and in the past there has been almost no use for the level 2 Demis, so I at least have a rather large stockpile of these hanging around. (Packrat Pride!) I expect the Market Board prices on these formerly-dirt-cheap items will have soared due to this, but this is a great opportunity to level your desynthesis while you grind items for your Relic. (I plan to get a post up on Desynthesis in the next week or so, watch for it!)

Anima Foster 8 crop

You can get these with GC Seals or as rewards from high-level Ixal Beast Tribe quests. These items were formerly very in-demand for making the Lucis craft and gathering tools during the ARR endgame.  Not a bad option if you have a lot of GC Seals to burn. I don’t, so I won’t be doing this.  You could also farm your Ixal crafting dailies for these if you’ve gotten decent rep with them.

Anima Foster 9 crop

Don’t bother. These items are used for a lot of in-demand crafts, particularly the primal minions.  Way too expensive, and they don’t drop all that often. The Diamond Tear, in particular, is worth several million gil, so wasting it on this would be extremely foolish!


Anima Foster 10 crop

Same as the last. Don’t bother.


Anima Foster 11 crop

Talk about recycling! These items are left over from the ARR relic quest. You get them with Poetics from the vendor in Mor Dhona. If you aren’t using your Poe for the 200 -> 210 Anima stage, or using them to gear up secondary classes with Ironworks gear, this might be an option.  I have other uses for my Poe though.

Anima Foster 12 crop

Allagan Catalyst isn’t bad to get — it used to be dirt cheap on the MB — but the Mhachi Farthings are better used for the level 230 -> 240 gear upgrade items. Not recommended unless you just LOVE grinding the Crystal Tower and Void Ark.  In which case, please seek professional help.


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