POLL: Level 3 Free Company Buffs

In patch 3.3, the option was added to create a level 3 Free Company Buff to give members 15% Battle XP, an improvement over our usual level 2 FC battle buff which gives 10%.  Unfortunately the new aetherial stand that was introduced does NOT have a double slot for level 3 wheels, which means we’re stuck with our old production rate of only two level 3 buffs each week. (One per three days. See here for details on this process.) Up until now we’ve been doing one level 3 gathering buff (+20%) and one level 3 crafting buff (+20%) each week and activating them on the weekends, but we now have the option of replacing either or both of these with the +15% level 3 battle XP buff.  So I thought I would try out the Poll utility and ask the FC which of these buffs they think they’d get the most use out of!  They all cost the same amount to craft.

Update:  As of 6/14 the poll is clearly in favor of switching to the Battle XP +15% level 3 buffs, so we will be looking to implement that change in the next week. Please see the followup poll!

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