Pictures of 3.3 Anima Relics, Nidhogg Weaopns, Minions & Mounts, and Glamour Gear

Dataminers have retrieved images of most of the 3.3 Anima Relics. I’ll add in images of the missing ones as I find them.

Sword of the Twin Thegns (PLD)


Sultan’s Fists (MNK)

Axe of the Blood Emperor (WAR)


Spurs of the Thorn Prince (NIN)


Trident of the Overlord (DRG)


Bow of the Autarch (BRD)


Cane of the White Tsar (WHM)


Rod of the Black Khan (BLM)


Flame of the Dynast (MCH)


Guillotine of the Tyrant (DRK)


Book of the Mad Queen (SMN)

Word of the Magnate (SCH)

Sphere of the Last Heir (AST)


Also: Nidhogg Weapons (SMN here)

Also: Mounts and Minions

Also:  Glamour Gear

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