Prepatch Party Sunday June 5, 7p EDT

Show up at the FC House Sunday evening at 7 pm (EDT) for a pre-patch party!

We’ll be having giveaways and updating folks on what’s up with the FC and our plans for the future.  We’ll be holding drawings for minions, chocobo bardings, primal weapons (the fancy crafted ones), furniture, FC Rooms, and a Zu mount! Possibly other stuff as well — show up and see!  There will be smaller drawings earlier in the day so those who can’t make the party will have a chance to win something. Flamingfer will be setting up another Triple Triad tournament, with prizes for the winners, and we may have other FC games going on as well.  Leave a comment below if you’d be interested in the Triad Tourney!

Join us and get hyped!

FF14 Revenge of the Horde.jpg

3 thoughts on “Prepatch Party Sunday June 5, 7p EDT

  1. Hey I don’t think I’ll make it to any drawings tonight until around 10pm, but like I said last night I think I want to donate a room to the drawings.
    -Neil Gaiman


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