Character Portrait Gallery

As you can see over in the left sidebar, we are starting up a Character Portrait Gallery for our FC.  If you’d like to have your character’s portrait added, you can either create a screenshot of your own and give me (Auric) a link to the image so I can add it, or you can talk to Faelily Riversong in game to see about getting one of her gorgeous photoshopped portraits made up for the Gallery!

12 thoughts on “Character Portrait Gallery

  1. Nice work ! Could i suggest an “employee of the month” section in here ? haha, would be funny to see members being jaleous. o.0

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  2. I was just looking at Lynx and Lady’s pic, I’m thinking “Mewly Wed” might be good for a title there. 😉


  3. Want one Neil? See me in game or take a few flashy screenshots I can composite. I’ll give you my email in game. I tried swapping pics via facebook, but even at “high resolution” setting…they weren’t really.


    1. I do want one! I’ll get to you in game. I’ll probably be more active on Tuesday. Until then it’ll probably probably be an hour or two here and there.


  4. For those of you wanting to take your own screen shots, I just need one clear shot of you in a favorite pose, then a few different ones of you doing your favorite class’s animated abilities (hit scroll lock to hide the interface, your action buttons will still work). I can take the shots if you’d rather, but sometimes it’s easier for you to time your shots to the animations better than a second party could. Gather up your screenshots, and whisper me in game with image links, or I’ll give you my email so you can send them to me. I tried shuffling my own through facebook to get them from my gaming computer to my “other stuff” computer but it didn’t work well even when I checked off “high resolution images”.
    Direct email or something like imgur or paint bucket works the best.
    I can take the shots in game if you’d rather, I’ve done that with all of the portraits in the gallery so far.


  5. Hi Neil…I can add the mallow puff later if you want, and I can also change your title. I forgot to ask you what title you wanted on your picture so I put in the standard scholar title for now. I can edit it per your instructions. Catch me in game. Great idea on the bookshelves, I had fun in the Library taking the shots. I’m in the middle of moving so I wanted to get something up before I got too tied up with other stuff.


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